Not another f***ing expert with a website and an opinion.

Hi, I’m Aleana,


My partner says I should brag more often, so here goes:


  • I started my first e-commerce in 2004, and built two more successful businesses since (with many failures in between).

  • I started consulting and helped dozens of e-commerce brands additional (with minimal to no increase in their marketing budgets.)

  • I audited hundreds e-commerce brands, saw their behind-the-scenes, and it was impossible to miss why some were doing exponentially better than average.

    And that’s how brands are alive was born.


Before you read on, you should know that I don’t like to sugarcoat things, and that I can be mildly offensive to some.

Before I became a consultant for multiple 7 and 8 figure e-commerce brands, I was an e-commerce entrepreneur and marketer, just like you.

Like you, I wanted to create marketing campaigns like those of the bigger brands, but I didn’t have their advertising budgets. And I wanted to create meaning and long-term vision, but I had to meet short-term profitability goals.

I also listened to the conventional expert advice, and followed their “17 steps to make small improvements that don’t move the needle but definitely clog your already limited bandwidth.”

That was not the exact title, but it should’ve been.

I even participated in this madness at one point, and regurgitated “conventional wisdom” mindlessly.


Most e-commerce conversations are echo chambers of groupthink madness.

(I can't possibly be the only one who thinks that. Please blink twice if you're out there.)

Here's the challenge:

A lot of e-commerce entrepreneurs and marketers feel the pressure to impress their peers, and exaggerate the success of their marketing initiatives.

Experts in the space have their own sets of pressure too. Many are too afraid to disagree with each other or question perceived authority in the space, for fear of being kicked out of the tribe, and losing exposure opportunities.

It’s not malicious. It’s just hard not to conform to the masses. We are all afraid of being rejected.

I personally had to do a lot of inner work to get over my own fears, and even more work to learn how to speak my truth without alienating people. I’m still mildly offensive, but I don’t accidentally make people cry anymore.

What I'm trying to say is this: I am completely agnostic when it comes to channels, tools, strategies and tactics. So when I make a recommendation, you can be sure that I stand behind it, with no vested interest. My fidelity is to your success.

Why I created Brands Are Alive

Quick FYI- when I say I believe that brands are alive, I mean it literally.

I believe that the world needs more people who genuinely care about what they do. Nothing worthwhile has ever been created by someone who didn’t give a sh*t.

Life is too short not to love what you're doing and who you're doing it with.

Behold, these many fancy logos!

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