Life is too short not to love what you're doing and who you're doing it with.


Hi, I'm Aleana.

My genius is to help e-commerce brands create passion, turn customers into loyal advocates, and make a ton of money while at it.

I believe that the world needs more people with passion and genuine care for what they do; because nothing worthwhile has ever been created by someone who didn’t give a shit.

I've helped e-commerce brands collectively generate over $100mm in additional revenues through low budget, low complexity retention marketing strategies.

The average 7- and 8-figure business can see a 10%-55% increase to their revenues within the first 2-6 months.

Some of the problems I love to solve:

  • How do generate passion within my team AND customer base, and create long-lasting loyalty all across?

  • How do I turn a commodity product into an object of desire?

  • How do I truly differentiate my brand and make all competition irrelevant?

  • How do I untangle the internal chaos in my business and simplify my marketing and operations so I'm not going gray by the day?

  • How do I  grow revenues sustainably on a limited budget and bandwidth?

Here's how I helped e-commerce brands like yours:

  • An accessories brand was able to triple their revenues from one of their primary revenue channels within less than 6 months, by simply refining their narrative.

  • A personal care product launch generated multiple six figures within its first 48 hours using nothing but a cold email list (a consenting list that has never received any priming), resulting in an immediate 31% increase to their revenues.

  • A personal hygiene brand saw a 21% increase in their revenues by tapping into a low budget channel that required less than an hour a week for their team to maintain.

  •  A supplement company was able to turn an upsetting fulfillment crisis into an opportunity to connect with customers, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response, and turning new customers into fans despite the experience.

    But one of my proudest moments was when a brand started to receive compliments from their customers about their marketing campaigns, saying that they're actually looking forward to receiving them.

Are your customers looking forward to receiving yours?

Behold, these many fancy logos!

Some of the e-commerce brands that I had fun working and collaborating with

Some of my oldest e-commerce publications and contributions included the E-Commerce Academy with Conversio (CM-Commerce), the One Stop Shop E-Commerce Podcast, among others

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