Alive Journey

THE BRAND ESSENCE AMPLIFIER + up to 1 week Sacred Plant Medicine Journey

8 weeks virtual | 1 week in-person

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ALIVE JOURNEY includes everything you get with THE BRAND ESSENCE AMPLIFIER virtual program + up to 1-week all-inclusive journey to partake in Sacred Plant Ceremonies within an intimate setting, along with a few other conscious creators.

Pricing depends on room and season. Schedule a 15-minute call for more details.

How is it different from THE BRAND ESSENCE AMPLIFIER alone?

This program is small group-based and includes multiple Sacred Plant Ceremonies, which can help you get a breakthrough on a deeper level, faster.

It is also an opportunity to retreat from daily life for up to one week in a secluded hideaway in pristine nature.

You will enter a consecrated space of transformation,
 bathe in the sounds of the jungle and the sea, and let the vibration of the singing bowls soothe your soul as we journey together to explore altered states of consciousness with an intimate group of conscious creators.

This all-inclusive journey alone is a transformative experience on its own.

In our sessions, we will use both ancient wisdoms and modern modalities to bring more clarity to your vision and help facilitate your transformation.

  • Up to 1 week all-inclusive journey to your chosen location in Central/South America or Europe (excludes only your airfare and travel insurance)

  • Multiple sacred plant medicine ceremonies in legal and responsible setting

  • Self-Identity Transcendence Sessions: The inner piece to stop being caught up in who you're "supposed to be", reveal who you really are, and transform into who you came here to become.

  • Branding & Marketing Strategy: Our decade of experience scaling brands to multiple 7- & 8-figures — at your fingerprints.

  • Signature Proprietary Process: No guesswork. We will guide and support your journey every step along the way.