Come Alive Journeys  


The Essence Amplifier + 1 week Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat in Mexico

Our Signature Proprietary Process in an intimate group setting with other mindful high-achievers

(Virtual Coaching and Marketing Program + 1-week in-person Retreat)

A Journey Of A Lifetime

Come Alive Journeys is a combination of The Essence Amplifier (Our Signature Proprietary Coaching and Marketing Process) plus a 1-week all-inclusive Retreat in Mexico to partake in intimate Sacred Plant Ceremonies.

During our retreat, we combine Sacred Plants Ceremonies with many other ancient wisdoms and modern modalities, to help you transcend your limiting identities and emerge with an exciting vision to build and lead a business at the intersection of passion, purpose and profit.

Plus, you will connect and mastermind with other mindful and conscious high-achievers, all walking their own paths of love and light. Our retreat is in an intimate setting for a private group of people. This is a perfect opportunity to build a new network of other conscious leaders, creators and change makers to surround yourself with during this journey and beyond.

* Group program requires prior application and approval.

  • Signature Proprietary Process 

  • Self-Identity Transcendence Virtual Coaching

  • Brand & Marketing Strategy

  • 1 week all-inclusive sacred plant medicine retreat in Mexico

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Personal Results:

Uncensor yourself and express your essence— fully, freely and unapologetically

  • ✓ Transcend limiting identities
  • ✓ Remove mental and energetic blocks
  • ✓ Step into your highest purpose
  • ✓Connect with your inner guide

  • ✓Unlock your creative genius
  • ✓ Be who you really are and who you know yourself to be

Business Results:

Break all the useless "rules" and do business YOUR way

  • ✓Work with, not against your nature
  • ✓Align business with your purpose
  • ✓Lead with a clear and exciting vision

  • ✓Establish a unique and irreplaceable place in your niche
  • ✓Build an attraction-based brand that reflects your true essence
  • ✓Attract people who are aligned with your values and turn both customers/clients and team members into passionate advocates

  • ✓Sell with ease and operate in flow
  • ✓Create new connections with other mindful high-achievers.
  • ✓Build a business at the intersection of Passion, Purpose, and Profit

To request more info, click here to contact us, or book a Discovery Call.