How does it work?

BRANDS ARE ALIVE is a process that clarifies your business purpose, unifies and energizes your team, and brings your e-commerce brand alive.

The result is an exponential increase to your customer retention, profit, team buy-in, and well-being.

This program is delivered over 3 Phases:

  1. polaris    Clarify Your Polaris 
  2. energize   Align & Energize Your Team
  3.  Alive  Bring Your Brand Alive

Polaris PHASE 1: Clarify Your Polaris 


To clarify your Polaris (your Purpose), I’ll take you through a collaborative team process. We will articulate a clear company purpose that is easy and exciting for your whole team to implement, and inspiring for your customer to adopt with your brand as part of their ideal self (who they are at their best, and who aspire to be). Within hours, things will go from vague, to crystal-clear. From impractical, to highly-inspiring, yet doable, and especially, financially profitable.

How's that for creating meaning AND profit? I'm looking at you, CFO.

EnergizePHASE 2: Align and Energize Your Team


This phase aligns internal operations, systems, and team culture; getting your team ready and excited for the journey.


We will clear any internal roadblocks that are stopping you from reaching your Polaris, and identify potential pitfalls. This phase will saturate your team culture with your purpose, making it their second-nature to demonstrate your core values with clarity and consistency.


When you do this, you:

-   Attract the right team members and get the best talent, even if you can’t afford to pay the highest salaries.

-   Bring out the best in your team, increase emotional buy-in (commitment,  engagement, effort, self-direction) and reduce turnover rate.

-   Unify your team’s effort under one True North Star. Get everyone rowing in the same direction, reduce chaos and stress, and accomplish great team results with relative ease.

PHASE 3: Bring Your Brand Alive

This phase aligns external communications, branding, and marketing; revealing your new brand narrative to the world.

Your new brand narrative will tell the world how you impact lives through your purpose. Together, we will create a new positioning, demonstrating how truly unique your brand is, and making competition obsolete.

When you do this, you:

-   Establish a purpose-driven brand identity that people love and want to support.

-   Actually make the world a better place (You won’t be another virtue-signaling, green-washed brand.)

-   Set your brand apart and make competition irrelevant

-   Command premium prices with ease.

-  Avoid being another replaceable commodity in the marketplace.

-   Build a community of incredibly loyal customers who buy virtually anything you create, now and forever.

-   Systemize your marketing and make it (nearly) effortless

-   Attract the right customers who value your brand, and are patient and forgiving when you make mistakes (because you will).

-   Grow your revenues sustainably, dramatically reduce your marketing costs, and increase your profits.