The Inner Work

Work through what's holding you back from showing up fully in your branding and marketing.

90-min Session | Pre-Session Clarity Prompts | Post-Session Daily Practice | $360

Sometimes you don't need more strategies.

This session is focused on resolving an internal block that's holding you back from showing up and being seen fully in your brand or business.

Inner blocks include things like:

- A core wound affecting your sense of self-worth.

- Feeling stifled and inhibited by an inner critic and saboteur.

- Constantly saying "I don't know", or not being able to just get the work done (even when you know what to do)

- Feeling energetically drained, disconnected from your inspiration and creative flow.

What we work through:

Understanding and healing what is holding you back, however much we can cover in one session. 

Please keep in mind that some things can take time and practice to heal.

You will be provided with the Daily Practice Document to continue making progress after our session.

You will also have the Pre-Session Clarity Form to help you reflect before our call so we can make the most of our time together.

What you get:

  • One 90-minute virtual session, one-on-one.

  • Your Daily Practice document which explains what to do after our session to continue healing and working through the inner block.

  • A Reflection & Clarity Form before our session so we make the most of our time together, and a recording of our 90-minute session after.

How it works:

1) Click here to book a 15-minute call with Aleana to confirm alignment.

2) If you then decide to move forward, you will get a link to make the payment and book your 90-minute session.

3) Then, you will receive a Clarity Form to prepare for our session, so that we can make the most out of our time together.

Pricing: $360

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What to expect

  •  90-minute virtual session
  • ✓  Pre-Call Clarity Form
  • Post-Call Messaging Doc

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