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The ONE missing element.

Why do most e-commerce brands struggle when it comes to customer loyalty & retention?

Why do most of their marketing efforts produce mediocre results?

Listen to this before you install one more widget or start yet another marketing project.

Less, but better.

Why you should stop listening to all the "advanced marketing strategies" and start seeking simple and basic.

More ≠ Better. Energy is more valuable than time. And the best marketing strategies are the ones you can actually implement.

The iOS update is only a symptom

Scrambling over the recent iOS updates?

I have news for you.

This is only a symptom of something way bigger.

The world is moving towards a more conscious, more ethical, and more decentralized approach to everything.

In this video, I talk about the first 3 steps you can take now to fix the problem at its root.

Stop putting band-aids on it!

PS — Video mentioned about "Emotional Capital":

Is your brand .. alive?

Why do some e-commerce brands have that 'it' factor, while others don't?

Whether an e-commerce brand is alive or not comes down to the founder. Watch this video to learn why your e-commerce brand is (literally) a reflection of your intentions.

Why sh*t doesn't get done in your team.

Does your marketing team struggle to get important projects to completion?

Do you feel like they're never working in alignment? That everything takes twice as long to finish and ultimately things always fall through the cracks? Watch this.

(Yes I know, my forehead is not within the frame. That's only part of my charms. :)

 E-Commerce Speak Podcast

In this episode, we discuss why some brands stand out and become cult favorites, while others blur in the background and struggle perpetually.