1 month of weekly virtual sessions


What is it?

Clarity Sessions are designed to move past any blocks in weekly sessions.

Each session is 60 minutes.

Conducted online, 1-on-1.

Limited availability. We are offering this month-to-month package to make our work accessible to more conscious creators at different business stages.

What can we work through in these sessions?

We can work through both inner and outer blocks.

Some of these include things like:

(Inner work)

- Lack of clarity about your unique gifts, your life's message and purpose or what you desire to create.

- Core wounds that are causing self-worth issues or fear of taking up space and being seen.

- Any other patterns of holding yourself back from showing up fully self-expressed in your brand and business.

(Outer work)

- Crystalizing your brand essence, defining your unique positioning,  crafting your messaging,  ideal offers/business model, etc.

- Branding and Marketing Strategies to help you grow your revenues while being fully self-expressed in your brand, business and everything you create.

(The average client sees 3 - 6 x revenue increase in the first 3-12 months of implementing strategies)


Monthly Package of 4 Sessions — $1,440/month


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What to expect  


  •  1 to 4 (60-min) Virtual Sessions
  • ✓  Pre-Call Prep Resources + Clarity Form
  • Post-Call Summary + Action Items

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