9 weeks | 3 phases | virtual 1:1 sessions

Our Signature 3-Phase Process that combines coaching + branding + marketing strategy to help you build a brand of full self-expression, and a business that makes you feel ALIVE.


This program is part Brand & Marketing Strategy, part "coaching", and part creative direction, among other things.

Designed to help you:

  • Uncover more of who you really are.
  • Get out of your own way.
  • Develop your brand of full self-expression.
  • Learn how to produce a consistent flow of unique, creative, and impactful content (even if you hate social media or feel pressed for time.) 


+ Highlights

    •  9 weekly 1:1 virtual sessions
    •  Hybrid of "coaching" + strategic branding & marketing
    • 63-Day Creative Flow State Practice

  • Strategic 3-month Marketing Roadmap Of Least Resistance 
  • Unlimited email support between calls
  • Option to add a full done-for-you Brand Kit
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Phase 1: Spark

Your Essence: 

Know who you are and what you do down to its essence. 

  • Gain Clarity: Understand your own deepest vision, message, and purpose, and how they all play into your brand of full self-expression.

  • Resolve Internal Blocks: Move past what's holding you back from showing up and being seen fully.

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Phase 2: Flame

Strategic Branding & Marketing:

Align the brand with who you are at your core. We call it a brand of FULL self-expression.

  • Brand Essence: Develop your voice, value proposition, and messaging pillars. Discover you true "niche", offerings, and unique positioning.

  • 90-Day Marketing Roadmap of Least Resistance: Designed to attract, not chase, this marketing is simple, effortless, and creates the least amount of resistance because it's designed to work with your nature, rather than against it.

  • Includes option to add complete done-for-you Brand Kit (logo, typography, color, and other elements)
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Phase 3: Firestorm

Creative Amplifier & Content Engine:

Learn to produce a consistent flow of unique, creative, and impactful content (even if you hate social media or feel pressed for time)

  • 63-Day Creative Flow Practice: Produce your best work while having fun.

  • Creative Process Systems and Templates: Save time and energy on content creation. Learn how to generate your best ideas and turn them into impactful pieces.

Full 9-week program Pricing: $6,300

Optional add-on done for you Brand Kit Design


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