Don’t just build another business...

Build the one you were truly meant to create.

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A Brand of FULL Self-Expression and a business that makes you feel ALIVE.

9-week project accelerator  | one-on-one |  virtual

Of course, you want more profit.

But more than that, you want your business to be built around who you are at your core.

You want it to be an expression of your unique gifts, message, and purpose.

You want it to be joyful, meaningful, AND profitable.


This is a 9-week project accelerator designed to help you build your Brand of FULL Self-Expression.

In 9 weeks (63 days), you will:

  • Develop the mental clarity and skills necessary to build a business that is both fulfilling and profitable.

  • Stand out with a unique brand, clear message, and authentic voice.
  • Know which tasks to work on every morning to move the needle, even if you only have 1 hr/day.

  • Move from resistance to flow and create unique content with more ease.

  • Do marketing in alignment and attract an audience of buyers in a way that feels good to you.

  • Bring more of your authentic self-expression to your brand, business, and the content you create.


Learn what you need to build and grow a Brand of FULL Self-Expression.

Make meaningful progress in 63 days even if you only have 1 hour a day.

Gain Clarity

Know what you're meant to do in the world, and who needs your gifts.

Identify your unique intersection that makes the business both fulfilling and profitable.

Define Your Message

 Learn how to articulate what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it — even if you don't have a niche or know what to offer yet.

Stop dimming your brilliance

Embody your message and communicate it with impact.
Move through inner blocks to own the value of your work and feel confident about promoting it.

Enter a 63-Day Creative Flow Practice

Move through resistance and enter a state of creative flow with our signature practice to turn your ideas into unique content that reflects your FULL self-expression.


Have a clear 3-month plan

Know exactly what projects to prioritize working on for the next 3 months, broken down into doable daily tasks that you’re actually excited to implement because they are designed to work with your nature.

Make Progress with just 1 hour/ day

Know the exact next daily & weekly milestones that will move the needle  — even if all you have is 1 hour per day.
Get the support you need to follow through, even when you feel resistance or have doubts.

No "cat in a bag" or vague promises

Let's talk specifics

Take a look below. Let me know if any of your questions are still unanswered.

This is for people who are creating a business from the heart.

It doesn't matter what label you like to use:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Solopreneur
  • Creator
  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Freelancer
  • Contractor
  • Service-Provider
  • Self-Employed Professional
  • Business-Artist, Spiritual-Creative, or any other.

It doesn't matter, as long as you are a conscious creator:

1) You want to build a brand where you express more of your authentic and creative self,

2) You want to learn how to position, market, and promote your work— in alignment,

3) And you want a business that's exciting, meaningful, AND profitable.


    • 9 weekly 1:1 virtual sessions with Aleana.


    • Your Un-Nichable Brand: A Brand Strategy built around your essence.

    • Flow Marketing: A custom 3-month marketing roadmap that you will actually enjoy implementing.

    • Signature 63-Day Spiritual-Creative Flow Practice: Learn to get in flow and produce your best, most joyful content, consistently.

    • Unlimited email support between calls, or voice messages up to 15 min/day to help keep you going.

Time and energy:

  • 9 week practice.
  • One online session per week.
  • Each session is 1 hour long, one-on-one with Aleana Kali.
  • You will know exactly what to work on every day of that week.
  • You will need at least 1 hour a day of focused work to execute your custom plan.
  • If you need more help, you will have unlimited email access to me in between calls.
  • Plus, you'll get a complementary follow-up session with me, one month after the end of our time together, to help you stay on track and keep growing.


  • Total for the program: $6,300
  • Payment plans available. Click here to book a call to discuss some options.

    The call is only 15 minutes, and I will never pressure you to make a decision.
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