MOJO # 110: What it took me to be (truly) free.

I spent years chasing the idea of "freedom".

Freedom from a 9-5 job, freedom from a boss, freedom to work from anywhere.

But true freedom, I've realized, is within. It begins with our ability to self-regulate and make peace with our fear of fear.

In this video, I share the lessons I've learned over 10 years of being a "free" entrepreneur:

  1. Freedom doesn't come from circumstances alone. Even with a remote business and no office, I felt like a slave for years because of my inability to regulate my emotions in healthy ways.
  2. In this context, self-regulation translates as having the emotional discipline to focus, set priorities, face discomfort, and not run from pain through distractions or spending binges.

  3. You must stop fearing fear itself. Every time you avoid discomfort, you limit your power and stop yourself from growing into your next level.

  4. Getting to know your authentic self: Through self-reflection and sitting with difficult emotions, you can uncover your core values and what truly inspires you.

  5. Build your business around your deepest passion. When I say passion, I don't mean fleeting excitement. I mean what makes you feel alive. Find the intersection between something you'd gladly do for free and what people will pay for. This is where you experience real fulfillment in my experience.

  6. Market yourself authentically. If you don't love your offer and promotion style, you'll always struggle with consistency. You have to genuinely enjoy not only the work you do, but also the way you present yourself and your work.

  7. Have a healthy relationship with money. When your inner work is done, you won't need to rely on spending to "fix" your feelings. You can then invest in growth, not escapism.

It's not about quitting your 9-5, being your own boss, or traveling the world. Although all these things were nice. But what I understand today is that the path to true freedom begins by freeing ourselves from the inside out. You must make friends with fear, accept all parts of yourself, and build from there. That's when the magic happens.

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00:00 Intro
00:06 Why I did it
03:41 My original resignation video
11:30 Reflection
12:57 The risks and initial conditions
13:36 How I got my 1st client
15:19 Luck increases with effort
16:48 Why focus is crucial
18:19 A turning point
19:12 Why you must love what you do
22:39 Another rock-bottom
23:12 KEY LESSON # 1: Self-Sustaining vs Self-Regulating
25:30 How we self-neglect
27:37 KEY LESSON # 2: True freedom is freedom from fear
33:03 When are you TRULY free?
36:53: KEY LESSON # 3: The sustainable path


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