There is a unique expression of a divine universe, wanting to come alive through you.



Hi, my name is Aleana

I believe that our business, our work, and everything we create, is more than just a means to an end.

Financial profitability?

Of course.

But some of us want more.

Some of us care deeply about something.

Some of us have a message to share, a change we seek to make.

Some of us have a deep desire to reconnect with our essence, live our highest purpose, and to bring our full self-expression into everything we create.

Are you secretly an artist, suppressing your light for fear of being the odd one out?

It doesn't matter what you do. Everything is art if you love it enough and allow it to create through you.

I'm here to urge you to free yourself, and stop dimming your light. 

Stop suppressing any part of you, and know that everything you reject about yourself is only the other side of your genius. 

It's only there that you will find your gifts; what the world needs, that only you can give.

I never set out to become a business owner.

As a kid, I was more interested in drawing, painting, and pondering over existence.

But then life happened, and I did what I thought I had to do.

In 2004, I started buying and selling stuff online to make ends meet.

For years, I founded businesses and pursued roles that I thought would fulfill me. 

I kept hoping my next “achievement” would give me the sense of completeness I longed for.

And while my businesses were "successful” on paper, the dream of finding long-term satisfaction kept escaping me. 

In the end, I always went back to the same place of feeling not good enough.

As a result, my consistency suffered, and I kept repeating cycles of struggles, over and over again. 

I became a marketing consultant in 2014, and since then, I have helped my clients generate over $100m in additional revenues.

Word spread out, and by the time I was in my early 30s, I was pulling multi-million dollar clients, traveling the world, often barely working two hours a day.

By all standards, I had made it. 

But in reality, nothing felt right. 

“What's wrong with me? I should be happier. I worked so hard for this.”

But I didn’t know what else to do. So I ignored my feelings and kept distracting myself.

I hit rock bottom when I woke up one day, and I could literally feel the life force leaving my body.

It was like my power cord was unplugged, and every fiber of my being was screaming at me, BATTERY LOW.

At least before, I had money to motivate me to get out of bed.

But now what?

So I was left with no choice. I had to stop running away from myself.

This started my long journey of healing and self-knowing.

I had to face my wounds, mistakes, and everything that made me human.

I finally understood that no amount of achievement was going to heal my self-worth or make me feel complete.

I didn’t need a different business model or more money in the bank. 

I needed to love myself enough to show up fully in my brand, business, and everything I created.

This started a long journey of knowing and loving myself.

It turns out my whole life has been preparing me for this work.

And although in the beginning my path seemed like a mess, it really wasn't. 

I was finally able to make sense of my past experiences and connect all the dots.

My aim is to help you do the same. 

To help you uncover your gifts and message. 

To help you translate your life’s work into a brand of full self-expression, and a business of passion, purpose, and massive financial profitability.

Whether you just want to shake things up a bit in your current business, or you want to start a new one altogether, know that there is something uniquely yours. And that's where magic is made.

— Aleana Kali

Founder, conscious creator

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