There is a unique  expression of a divine universe, wanting to come alive through you.


Hi, my name is Aleana

I believe that our business, our work, and everything we create, is more than just a means to an end. 

Financial profitability?

Of course.

But some of us want more.

Some of us care deeply about something, and need to speak our uncensored truth.

Some of us have a message to share, a change we seek to make.

Some of us have a deep desire to reconnect with our essence

To live our highest purpose, and to bring our full self-expression into everything we create— fully, freely, and unapologetically.

Are you secretly an artist, suppressing your light for fear of being the odd one out?

It doesn't matter what you do. Everything is art if you care enough. 

I'm here to urge you to free yourself, and stop dimming your light. 

Stop suppressing any part of you, and know that everything you reject about yourself is only the other side of your genius. 

There, you will find your gifts; everything that the world wants and needs, that only you can give.

I never set out to become an entrepreneur, marketer or business consultant.

As a kid, I was actually more interested in art, philosophy, and mysticism.

But life happened, and I had to do what I had to do.

In 2004, I started buying and selling stuff online.

I went on to build a couple more successful online businesses, before I started consulting other entrepreneurs in 2014.

During those years, I also joined a few early-stage startups as a contractor.

I’ve always had a knack for resourcefulness. I love developing creative strategies to grow a business that don’t involve just spending more money on ads.

Some of these wins:

- Helped a European Startup go from zero to breakeven within 9 months as their only marketer.

One of those marketing campaigns was such a success that they continued to run it for 8 years after.

- Helped an agency go from < $60k in yearly revenues to 7-figures within less than 18 months.

As a second contractor (along with a designer), I owned all of their client side of the business except for design, from strategy to execution and client management. 

In our first year alone, the agency’s clients earned over $75 million dollars in additional revenues.

I worked with more agencies, coaches/consultants, SaaS, digital media companies, and of course many e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Over the course of my career, my work has been directly responsible for over $100m in attributable additional revenues —without adding a penny to my clients' marketing budgets.

For years, I defined myself through those achievements.

On paper, everything was great: I had a “successful” business. I was working with great clients, traveling the world, and living on my terms.

But in reality, nothing seemed to "feel right". No achievement ever felt as good as I thought it would. Everything became a struggle, and my consistency suffered as a result. Sooner or later, every dream I've accomplished began to feel like a trap.

What was supposed to be my highest point was actually my rock bottom.

How is it that I have everything and still feel this way? Am I broken? Is there something wrong with me? Is it reasonable to let go of a perfectly fine business, just because it didn’t “feel” right? Especially when I had no idea what else to do instead?

It took me years, and I really tried everything. I did the whole "travel the world to discover myself" thing for 8 years, and used sacred plant medicines about a dozen times.

I'm glad I never gave up on myself though, because this is how brands are alive came to life.

It turns out my whole life has been preparing me for this. I could do this work even if no one listened — and it brings me unbelievable joy every single day. I could finally make sense of my past experiences and "connect the dots".

My aim is to help you do the same.

Whether you just want to shake things up a bit in your current business, or you want to start a new one altogether, know that there is something uniquely yours. And that's where magic is made.

— Aleana Bargaoui

Founder, Transformation Guide, Brand/Marketing Consultant

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Alex Hostetler - Founder | Rippl NYC

“Working with Aleana was an absolute pleasure. She is incredibly detail oriented and her creative ingenuity resonates throughout her work. Aleana is a real all-star and excels in all aspects of strategy and strategic planning. During our time working together, Aleana would always go the extra mile to conceptualize client-specific strategies that convert. She worked across a handful of different industries, and was always able to implement a unique creative approach to all of the different accounts she worked on. She has an exceptional ability to understand the psychology of the consumer and plan campaigns around their buying behavior. At her core, Aleana is incredibly smart, hard working, and proactive. It was a pleasure to work with her and see first hand the results she was able to drive through her creative approach to strategy and marketing.

Founder | Rippl NYC

Krissie Claire - Co-Founder | Kollectify | MindfulCommerce

“I cannot recommend Aleana enough if you’re a brand who truly cares about your values and how your business has an impact in the world. Aleana is a fantastic speaker on the topic of mindful marketing, eCommerce, loyalty and retention. The best thing about Aleana? She tells it how it is and understands consumer psychology with the ability to translate that into a profitable, mindful, business. We love you!”

Co-Founder | Kollectify | MindfulCommerce

Gregory Kirkham - Founder &amp; CEO | 360 Technologies

Working with Aleana was an exceptional experience. She is intuitive, process oriented, demonstrates an incredible ownership of her expertise, and provides sound, actionable recommendations for business owners and their management. I would recommend any business looking to engage and improve their business utilize her services.”

Founder & CEO | 360 Technologies