There is a unique expression of the universe that can only come alive through you.
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My name is Aleana.

I believe that business should never be at the expense of being our full self-expression.

It’s not “success” if you have to suppress some parts of yourself or constantly push against your nature.

I should know.

I created more than one online business before I woke up in what was supposed to be my dream.

Finally, I had a “successful” business with everything I thought I wanted.

I'd built my dream in marketing and business consulting, high-tickets packages on retainer, easygoing clients, zero outreach, barely working a few hours a week.

On paper, it was perfect.

But in reality, it felt off.

"It doesn't make sense. I should be happier"

I hustled — no, I CLAWED my way up.

But there was no peace when I got “there.”

Instead, there was my rock bottom.

Everything felt like a drag.

I resented doing any work.

I hated being in meetings (even with my favorite clients)

I felt trapped in my own creation.

And "more money" was no longer enough to motivate me to keep pushing.

I wasn't only tired and uninspired (I was.)

I felt my work was devoid of any sense of excitement or meaning. 

And it started to affect my life outside of work too.

It was like a gray overlay came over everything, and I could feel my life-force, whatever we call spirit, was leaving my body.

I had no idea what I wanted to create next.

I just knew I was tired of denying myself.

I wanted it to be my highest self-expression.

This was the start of my journey of shutting out others' voices so I could listen to my own.

And then to stop holding myself back from expressing it.

This practice became at the core of my work.

It turns out my whole life has been preparing me for it.

I could finally make sense of my past experiences and create something uniquely mine.

I want to help you do the same.

To uncover more of who you are, and bring it to everything you create.

To build a brand of full self-expression, and a business that makes you feel alive.

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Aleana Kali is founder at Brands Are Alive.

She helps conscious entrepreneurs and creators reconnect with their inner artists and build their brands with their FULL self-expression.

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