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Where heart meets profit.

Existence is too magical to waste it on uninspired work.

Call me when you’re ready to bring your full self-expression and build your brand and business around it.

— Aliyana Kali


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Alex Hostetler - Founder | Rippl NYC

“Working with Aleana was an absolute pleasure. She is incredibly detail oriented and her creative ingenuity resonates throughout her work. Aleana is a real all-star and excels in all aspects of strategy and strategic planning. During our time working together, Aleana would always go the extra mile to conceptualize client-specific strategies that convert. She worked across a handful of different industries, and was always able to implement a unique creative approach to all of the different accounts she worked on. She has an exceptional ability to understand the psychology of the consumer and plan campaigns around their buying behavior. At her core, Aleana is incredibly smart, hard working, and proactive. It was a pleasure to work with her and see first hand the results she was able to drive through her creative approach to strategy and marketing.”

Founder | Rippl NYC

Krissie Claire - Co-Founder | Kollectify | MindfulCommerce

“I cannot recommend Aleana enough if you’re a brand who truly cares about your values and how your business has an impact in the world. Aleana is a fantastic speaker on the topic of mindful marketing, eCommerce, loyalty and retention. The best thing about Aleana? She tells it how it is and understands consumer psychology with the ability to translate that into a profitable, mindful, business. We love you!”

Co-Founder | Kollectify | MindfulCommerce

Gregory Kirkham - Founder & CEO | Wells Digital Media

“Working with Aleana was an exceptional experience. She is intuitive, process oriented, demonstrates an incredible ownership of her expertise, and provides sound, actionable recommendations for business owners and their management. I would recommend any business looking to engage and improve their business utilize her services.”

Founder & CEO | Wells Digital Media