The divine in me sees the divine in you.

about us

Marketing plants a seed in the collective consciousness.

We exist for those who plant a seed of love and authentic self-expression.

about you

We only work with those who create from the heart.

Because truly, nothing worthwhile has ever been created by someone who didn't give a sh*t.

There is a unique expression of the universe that can only come alive through you.

Our Co-Creators

We are daring idealists who love to create consciously.

Aleana Kali

Founder & Guide

Like many people, I kept chasing after the next "achievement." But the dream of finding fulfillment kept escaping me, until I looked inside. Read my story.


Being of Light

You are a unique expression of a divine universal consciousness, who came here to become more of who you (really) are, and create magic in the process. But first, you have to give yourself permission. The question is, are you going to?


Additional Support

If you need it, you'll meet experienced facilitators of quality sacred plant medicine that is sourced and delivered within a legal, sustainable, and responsible setting.

Our Values

What we live through our actions

Multiple truths can coexist. We own our truth but don't expect others to agree.

We believe that the only way to actualize oneself is to transcend it.

We seek mastery and wisdom over knowledge.

Here's to all the doers and dreamers, and no in-betweeners.

Life is too short not to love what you do and who you do it with.