Create a masterpiece.

Coaching + Branding + Marketing + Our Secret Sauce = Your brand of full self-expression in as little as 63 days.


Existence is too magical to be uninspired.

Building a profitable business shouldn’t come at the expense of living with passion, purpose, or playfulness.

We help you reconnect with your essence to build a brand with your full self-expression and a business that makes you feel ALIVE.

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If you are

  • Feeling trapped, drained, or resentful towards the work
  • Suppressing who you really are at your core
  • Lost on the purpose behind what you do

We can help you

  • Uncover your gifts and free your creative potential
  • Create a brand with your full self-expression
  • Build a business of passion, purpose, and (more) profit

There is a unique expression of the universe that can only come alive through you.


Hi, my name is Aleana.

The purpose of my work is to help you bring your full self to everything you create and reconnect you with what makes you feel alive.

I founded BRANDS ARE ALIVE after a crisis of meaning.  

I had another “successful" business that was great on paper, yet I was still unexcited, unfulfilled and completely lost on its purpose.

You can read my story here.

If you don't love your brand and business, it's because it wasn't built on your (full) truth.

Until you bring your full self to everything you create, you will always feel unexcited and out of alignment, no matter how good it sounds on paper.

It's an inside out job.

Brand, Marketing & Business Strategies are not enough. And neither is coaching alone.

You need both the inner piece of Personal Transformation Guidance with the outer piece of Strategic Branding & Marketing to uncover who you really are and bring it to your brand, business, and everything you create. 

It's an inside-out transformation, delivered through our 3-phase framework: THE ESSENCE AMPLIFIER

The Brand Essence Amplifier

How It Works:

our 3-phase framework

Phase 1

Your Essence 


  • We will work together to clarify your passions and purpose.

  • We will help you reveal your gifts, your life's message, and own them.

  • You will get a clear vision, and remove what's holding you back from stepping into who you were meant to become in this lifetime.

    *This phase is about personal and spiritual growth and evolution. You will see considerable results, but it is a lifetime process.

Phase 2

Your Brand


  • We will design a path to a Personal Brand that reflects your true essence, expressing your zone of genius, and carving out your category of one. 

    A brand of passion, purpose, profit, and playfulness.

  • We will turn your gift and message + your unique combination of passions and purpose into a profitable and truly authentic brand.

    We call it: A brand with your FULL self-expression.
    * Including done-for-you design/Brand Kit.

Phase 3

Your Marketing


  • We will develop your Strategic Marketing Roadmap to help you generate more revenues while being fully self-expressed.

  • You are a conscious creator.

    To create and operate from your highest self-expression, we will train you to be in a constant state of flow,

    We will show you how to free your creative potential, so you can turn "work" into play.

  • And you will enjoy this process, because it will work with your nature, not against it.

“Your best work is your expression of yourself. When you do it, you are the only expert.” — Frank Gehry

Are you listening to the still voice within?    

It takes more than just our thinking minds to create a meaningful transformation.

That is why we use a holistic, body-mind-spirit approach, to bypass deeply embedded patterns, and reconnect to the inner voice.

Our modalities include:

- Coaching/Guidance Sessions

- Brand/Marketing Strategy

Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies (within a legal & responsible environment)

- Energetic & Somatic Modalities including sound bathing, breath-work, meditation techniques, and much more.

Interested in working together?

Request a 15-minute discovery call to learn more about how we can help.


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