Stop chasing after customers and worrying about competition.

Your  E-Commerce Growth & Customer Retention Strategy doesn’t need more carrots. 🥕


You don’t need to rely so much on incentives, or work so hard for mediocre results.


Seriously, stop working so damn hard for mediocre results.


I help e-commerce brands clarify their purpose and build emotional capital to transform both customers AND employees into passionate advocates.

💜 > 🥕

Do you struggle with: 

Gaining clarity about your vision and translating it into a strategic roadmap?

Motivating your team to do their best work and aligning everyone on the same page?

Building a loyal customer base and standing out from competition?

Most e-commerce brands don’t get the marketing results they want, despite doing all the right things.

They spend their time chasing after the next sale, and struggle to sustain customer loyalty.

They depend on paid acquisition just to stay relevant, and find it increasingly challenging to be profitable. 

Their teams are frazzled, uncoordinated, and disengaged.

Most marketing experts would tell them to do more of the same:

More acquisition, mores email, more SMS, more loyalty rewards, more referral programs, more widgets, more strategies, more tactics..

And “more” they do.


They get so confused about what to do next, so they try everything,  just to make sure they cover all their bases. 

Their marketing operations turn into a giant tangled knot of organized chaos, and they get so bogged down, they can rarely plan beyond next month.

The issue with the conventional narrative is that tools and channels don't create or sustain loyalty. They are only force multipliers. They can only add fuel to the fire, but they can't create one. You need to first ignite the spark.

Customer Retention + Team Engagement
in 3 phases:

Gain Clarity

Build a long-term vision for your brand while achieving short-term revenue goals.

Align & Energize Your Team

Create a highly-motivated team that works in alignment.

Bring Your Brand Alive

Understand what motivates your best customers, and translate it into retention, loyalty, and advocacy.

We marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs have been clicking away behind our screens for so long, we lost the art of selling to a human customer.


Extrinsic rewards—such as sales and promotions, loyalty and referral rewards, and other "tangible" incentives, can produce powerful short-term results. But it's the intrinsic motivator that builds and sustains long-term engagement and loyalty. 

Let me be clear: I am not saying that extrinsic rewards don't work. I am not saying to stop using your email, sms, loyalty and other widgets. I am an expert on these. I use and recommend them all the time. What I am saying, is that without this core differentiator of emotional capital, you won't get to see their full effects and benefit from your efforts.

The most sustainable way of creating long-lasting retention and loyalty is by building a values-driven business based on a clear purpose— one that goes beyond making you more money.

And the only way to build that sort of business, is by aligning a passionate, highly engaged team, that is clear on your north star, and rowing in the same direction.

When you have a passionate team culture that shares the same ideals as your customers, and when you both see a chance to make the world (and people's lives) a little better, your brand becomes irreplaceable.


What people want is to believe in something bigger than themselves.

Both customers and employees want to align with brands that believe in what they believe in, and stand for what they stand for.

The most influential brands in the world are built on purpose. Their purpose is not an afterthought; their entire brand is built on a purpose story, and their culture embodies it every day. Their purpose is what attracts their audience (best customers, and best employees) in the first place.

Stop working so damn hard for mediocre marketing.

PS —

Dear e-commerce entrepreneur and marketer,


If you've read this far, congratulations, you're already ahead of the curve.

With more privacy updates and regulations being introduced  (GDPR a few years ago, iOS 14 just recently), and others to come, it's becoming increasingly difficult to rely on conventional marketing methods. 

I truly believe that being driven by purpose is the future of all business, and that this change is coming regardless of whether we resist or embrace it. But it's up to us to facilitate it.

It's time to stop doing what everyone else does, and time to start articulating why your business is worth rallying around.