But does it make you feel ALIVE?

Turn your mojo ON.  

We coach you to amplify your brand essence and lead a business at the intersection of Passion, Purpose, and Profit.

Mojo  (noun) : a magic charm, talisman, or spell.


On this journey, you will:

Transcend your limiting identities


  • Transcend your limiting identities
  • Uncover who you really are
  • Step into who you're becoming
  • Amplify your essence
  • Remove mental and energetic blocks
  • Connect to your inner creative genius
  • Step into your highest purpose

Build an attraction-based brand


  • Build a brand that reflects who you really are
  • Sell more with ease and flow
  • Become irreplaceable to your people
  • Inspire clients, customers, and team members to become passionate advocates

Lead a business that makes you feel ALIVE


  • Align business with purpose
  • Work with your nature, not against it
  • Bring all of yourself to everything you create
  • Lead a business at the intersection of Passion, Purpose, and Profit

Our Secret Sauce

We use a holistic approach that incorporates mind, body, and spirit.

Our Signature Proprietary Process, is a combination of  both modern and ancient modalities. 

Our methodologies include:

  • Identity Transcendence Coaching
  • Strategic Branding + Marketing Consulting
  • Energy Work
  • Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies 
  • Somatic Modalities
    Sound healing, Nature-Bathing, Breath Work, Ancient Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Body Movement, Aromatherapy, and more.