MOJO # 30: How to set the right kind of goals (create your exciting vision + 2023 plan)


Feeling unmotivated to pursue your own goals?

Here's how to create a vision and plan that will make you practically jump out of bed every morning.


In this video:

00:00 What to expect from this video
00:59 Example
01:53 What realistic actually means
02:54 You are supposed to fail at some of your goals
03:05 The purpose of a goal is to motivate the ego
04:02 The issue is lack of vision
05:52 1) Start with a braindump
06:56 2) Plug goals into different timelines
09:13 3) What could yo…

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MOJO # 29: Why you don't have to "niche down" to have a successful business

"If you talk to everyone, you talk to no one."

We all heard it. But is true?

When I started my journey with Brands Are Alive, I was stuck on picking a niche for a while.

In fact, I thought I couldn't move forward until I picked one and committed to it.

Not necessarily true.

So in today's video, I explain why you don't have to "niche down" to have a successful and profitable service business.

In this video:

00:00 The problem with traditional “niching”
06:35 The alternative method (with exam…

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MOJO #28: Personal branding for spiritual people: How do you define yourself when you are an unlimited being?

To define is to limit.

How do you define your brand, when you are an unlimited being?


Earlier in my journey, I struggled to talk about myself.

I couldn't even write an honest about me page.

I felt that my ideas were too crazy, unreasonable, and even delusional.

I worried that if I showed up in my full truth, no one will ever take me seriously again.


"I will lose all my business"


"I will probably starve, all alone, under a bridge, begging for a plate of spaghetti"

Little did I …

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MOJO # 27: How to keep your promises to yourself and get things done despite distraction.

To have the life you want, your word to yourself must become law.

In this video:

- No productivity hacks.

- No motivational speeches.

- And no "powering through it" either. 


00:00 - What to expect from this video
02:21 - What distraction really is
06:40 - Beware of busy work
07:25 - Distraction is a symptom of a problem
10:32 - Five practical steps
10:36 - #1 Develop clarity about the goal
11:44 - #2 Awareness is greater than intent
14:34 - #3 Face and welcome discomfort
16:35 - #4 Don’t label y…

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MOJO # 26: This mistake blocks your creative genius


Today's topic: The mistake that blocks your creative genius.

Let me know if this is you right now. I know I definitely made this mistake before and I'm still catching myself sometimes.

In this video:

00:00 - Intro
00:13 - Don’t make this mistake
01:09 - Why it’s a problem
02:54 - Attachment to the outcome is the nemesis
03:55 - Give the seed time and space
05:03 - Don’t ship out of desperation
05:20 - Control the environment, not the creation
05:59 - Practice “aimless” creation
06:35 - Protect tim…

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MOJO # 25: How to define your unique brand voice and write copy that moves people.

There are lots of exercises out there to help you write great copy that converts or define a unique brand voice.

And they're great.

But instead of sharing more of the same, I thought, why not look outside — at actors?

What makes some actors so much more compelling than others even without technique?

And how can you use this element to write copy that moves people, and define a brand voice that's uniquely yours?

In this video:

00:00 - What to expect from this video
01:30 - Is this …

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MOJO # 24: Sexual Transmutation

Today's topic is a bit spicy. 

When I first encountered the idea of transmuting sexual energy into creative energy, I rejected it as just more of that new-age spiritual bullsh*t.

But I kept meeting people who have channeled and transmuted their creative force.

My advice to you is to keep an open mind and watch the video until the end.

In this video:

00:00 - Context
01:04 - Example (1)
01:50 - Tantra reference
02:27 - Misuse of spiritual concepts
03:12 - Example (2)
03:48 - Sexual Energy = Crea…

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MOJO # 23: What should you post on social media to attract your ideal client? Whatever the f*ck you want.

Today's topic is: What should you post on LinkedIn (and other social) media to attract your IDEAL clients?

Fair warning, I rant and it's NSFW

Use your headphones, just in case.


Are you showing up fully in your marketing?

Or are you still suppressing parts of yourself?

Before you finally hit publish on a post or campaign, how many edits has it gone through — not to fix actual errors – but to try and hide your true message?

Owning your…

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MOJO # 22: Channeling: How to impact when you speak

Do you know someone who seems to create magic when they speak?

It's not even what they say, but the energy behind it.

And that's today's topic: How to channel & impact with your words.

In this video:

00:00 - Intro
01:14 - BS surrounding channeling
05:54 - The 3 keys to unlocking your channeling power
06:00 - Spiritual/emotional growth
08:33 - Skills
13:30 - Creating the right circumstances

The prescription: How to get out of your mind, so you can gain clarity

Shut off the noise: How to tune out…

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MOJO # 21: What is your true nature?

Quick question, do you know what your "true nature" is?

When I started my journey, I knew I wanted to be my "authentic self" (whatever that is).

Except I had no idea what my true self was supposed to be.

It sounds crazy, but it's true. I felt like a stranger to myself.

And that's today's topic: What is your true nature? 

In this video:

00:00 - Intro
00:40 - What makes nature natural?
03:26 - How to access your true nature

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