MOJO # 105: "I've been saying the same thing!" Why people don't listen to you the same way.

An old client once told me that his partner was upset because he was taking my advice.

See, this partner had been telling him the same things for years. But my client never listened.

And I completely understand his frustration. I understand how it made him feel like he wasn't trusted, or like his opinion didn't matter.

I understand because I've been in similar situations before - in businesses, jobs, and even personal relationships.

There was a time when I used to get frustrated if someone came along with a sleeker way of saying the same things and finally convinced people around me to see things my way.

- "Wow, this is so insightful! Changed my life."

- "But I've been telling you the same thing! You never listened."

This frustration was partially driven by a hurt ego. I mean, did I really need to be the one to change their minds? Not at all.

But I get it.

So when this came up again from a couple of people in my circle, I knew we needed to talk about it.

This is what I would tell my younger self.

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