MOJO # 53: You can become anyone.

The practical way to transcend your current avatar.

At this point, you already know self-image makes or breaks behavior.

And I'm sure you already know about affirmations, "act as if" and all that stuff.

So why are you struggling to change?

Why is it that you don't stick long enough to your affirmations and "act as if-ness"?

You always start with enthusiasm.

You even make a routine of some sort.

But nothing sticks.

You always end up dropping them and going back to old habits.

Why is that?

I know this is hard to believe, but change is actually supposed to be easy.

The real you isn't fixed on binary character traits, so it's completely natural to periodically "shed our skins" and let go of an avatar for another.

But this process of letting go requires us to make changes in who we are being.

That means recognizing we are not who we think we are. 

And that those are masks we wore for a false sense of protection.

It's not the action that makes you become it.

It's the practice of being it until 'it' becomes a habit.

Repeated long enough, it builds a track record with oneself.

Then, when one says "I am that", it becomes a true affirmation.

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