MOJO # 60: You will be misunderstood

It's not your job to clean other people's lenses.


One of the hardest burdens I had to let go of is that of being misunderstood.

It was always painful to realize that someone did not see me the way I saw myself.

And whenever that happened, instead of questioning the validity of their judgment, I questioned myself.

I even questioned my own sense of reality, warping my own perspective, trying to get into theirs:

"Am I really that? Surely I must be at least partially that, otherwise…

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MOJO # 59: Is it out of alignment, or are you just procrastinating?

That resistance you feel, is it a sign that the thing you're about to do is out of alignment?

How do you know if it's just an excuse your mind is making up to avoid doing the work?

You may not know this, but years ago, I used to be all about that hustle.

I would wake up at 5 a.m. (after going to bed pretty late) and go straight to my laptop.

Huffin' and puffin' on whatever I could smoke, guzzling black and bitter coffee, typing away while listening to 5 podcasts in the background about adv…

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MOJO # 58: You are not your brand.

How much of yourself should you share in your personal brand?

I never liked the idea of oversharing, especially with strangers on the Internet.

So of course, I had a million and one objections about building a personal brand:

  • Do I really need one?
  • I don't want this to be about me, and my personal life.
  • What if I shared too much and couldn't take it back?

Something about that felt unsafe, so I kept hiding.

If you're a private person like me, I understand.

But you are not y…

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MOJO # 56: You're overwhelmed because you lack boundaries.

Usually, when we think of lacking boundaries, we think of weakness.

But some people lack boundaries despite being strong and assertive.

That's because it's not enough to know how to set boundaries.

First, you need to know what yours are in the first place.



Sometimes I feel overwhelmed.

It doesn't happen as often.

But what's interesting is that it's almost never about the big stuff.

Instead, it's all the small, annoying, boring, mind-numbing tasks.

One might think "Why don't you deleg…

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MOJO # 55: Is branding that important a small business owner?

Does branding really do anything for you a small business owner?

Shouldn't you focus on marketing and sales?

You know, the thing we all know gets you real results like calls booked, clients, etc.?

I heard this perspective a couple of times.

Interestingly, this seems to always come from people who are actively building their personal brands.

And you know what's funny?

It seems like only a few years ago,  people in sales questioned whether marketing had any effect on a business.


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MOJO # 54: Doing everything but barely making progress? Read this.


You know what sucks? Working hard on important things and still barely making progress.

The other day, I saw this "hot take" on LinkedIn.

“Is it really possible to build a business in just 1-2 hours a day?"

Cue the comments:

- "Hmmmm, no, not if you're a solopreneur."

- "No way! Anyone who says that is lying to you."

- I worked 10-16 hour days in my first two years in business before I saw any results.”

I knew I wasn't gonna make a point with a comment. Hence this motherlov…

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MOJO # 53: You can become anyone.

The practical way to transcend your current avatar.

At this point, you already know self-image makes or breaks behavior.

And I'm sure you already know about affirmations, "act as if" and all that stuff.

So why are you struggling to change?

Why is it that you don't stick long enough to your affirmations and "act as if-ness"?

You always start with enthusiasm.

You even make a routine of some sort.

But nothing sticks.

You always end up dropping them and going back to old habits.


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