INSTANT ENERGY SHIFT: How to use your body to gain immediate Presence

Presence is an essential quality for leadership and influence. 

But what happens when something throws you off, and you need to get back into feeling calm and centered, but all you have are minutes, or even seconds?

Here are 3 techniques to get back into your body, and be here and now, no matter how little time you think you have.

When you only have seconds: 

  • Plant your feet firmly on the ground and notice where your body is making contact with the surface(s) beneath you.

  • Imagine roots under your feet that go deep into the core of the earth.

  • Relax more deeply by inhaling deeply through your nose counting to 4, and then exhaling completely through your mouth, counting to 6. 

Why? When your exhalation is longer than your inhalation, it slows your heartbeat, bringing an immediate sense of calmness.

One cycle is a good start, and you can do this longer if you have the time and space.

Rehearse this so it feels like second nature when you need it.

When you have minutes:

  • Use these 2 simple breath-work techniques:

Breathing is the simplest and fastest way to be present. This is because breathing can only happen here (in the body) and (now) in this moment.

Technique 1:

Focus your attention on your breathing cycle, observing the different stages of the breath: inhalation, a brief pause to switch, exhalation, another brief pause to switch. 

You can tell yourself “I’m breathing in, “I’m breathing out” as you breathe, to deepen your focus. This will inevitably bring your mind back to the here and now

Do this for 1 minute, or as long as you like. 

Technique 2:

Look up “Anuloma Viloma” (alternate nostril breathing)

In yogic practice, this technique is meant to help clear your energetic channels and balance your masculine and feminine energies within minutes.

For the more pragmatic, there have been lots of studies in support of the benefits of this technique. Benefits include drastic reduction in things like stress and anger (imbalanced masculine), or anxiety (imbalanced feminine).

Either way, I trust in personal experience, so test it out, and see for yourself. 

Repeat this technique about 5 times in the morning and it will balance you out for the rest of the day.

Practice it throughout the day, any time you feel struggle or confusion. You’ll find immediate clarity and centeredness.


THE PRESCRIPTION: How to get out of your mind, so you can gain clarity
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