PASSION CLARITY: What do you TRULY desire? 

When you've spent so much of your life being caught up in who you are “supposed to be”, living according to societal rules you’ve never agreed to in the first place, you begin to lose touch with yourself and what YOU want.

Before you know it, you begin to feel off. Nothing about your day-to-day business excites you all that much. Sure, some things are still more exciting than others, but you often feel like there is a gray overlay on most of it. It’s not great or terrible. It’s meh.

But when you ask yourself: “What do I really, really want?”, you’re stumped. You can hardly think of anything in particular, let alone how it will fit into a business context.

For those moments use these questions to get your thoughts moving:


  • Spend 3-5 minutes on each question

  • Be patient with yourself: if you can’t come up with answers. The idea is to get your mind thinking.

  • Don’t think about how this connects to business and money for now. Let go of how you can make this logical, profitable, or even realistic. Just allow yourself to think freely.

  • Click here to grab the questions in a Word Doc. To create your own copy and make edits, click on FILE > MAKE A COPY.


  • What have you never gotten bored of?

  • What’s something you’ve always been drawn back to over time?
  • What gets you in the flow, that you often forgot to eat and drink?

    Other questions you can ask yourself:

  • What am generally I good at? (If you’re good at it, chances are you love or like it.)

  • What part of my day/week is joyful?

  • What brought me joy as a child?

  • Who are my role models and icons?

  • What do I like to teach others?

  • What do I often talk a lot about?

  • What do I feel afraid or embarrassed to admit that I want?

  • If I only had 5 years to live, what would I do?

  • If I had $100 million, what would I do?

  • What kind of videos do I watch in my free time on Youtube or other sites? What  type of content do I consume just for fun or out of curiosity?

  • What would I love to learn more about?

  • What do I enjoy spending money on? Look at your bank statements and “irrational purchases”.

What to do if you still have no idea what your passion(s) are:

  • “Passion is at the intersection of 3 things you are really curious about.”— Steve Kotler (Flow Genome Project | Forbes) List 15 things you’re curious about, then venn diagram 3-5 things that overlap.

  • If you still struggle, ask yourself: What, in my life, no longer serves me (emotionally, physically, and spiritually)? 

Allowing such things to take up space “leaks” into other areas of your life. 

Do more of what brings you joy. List anything — colors, textures, scents, tasks, people, tastes, experiences, cultures etc, and other things that feel good to you. Do more of that, and less of anything that leaves you feeling drained, then come back to this exercise. 

See The Prescription Document for more.

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