MOJO # 1: MAKING DECISIONS IN ALIGNMENT: How to make heart-led decisions you won’t regret

By the end of this document, you’ll learn how to follow your heart with confidence that you’ve actually made the right decision.

How do you know the difference between heart-led decisions, and irrational, overly emotional decisions?

The truth is, following your heart does mean doing so even when there is no logical explanation.

For example, in 2014 I had a strong urge to go to India, and I did. It turns out, this fateful decision would connect me to people and experiences that inspired our current company (which didn’t even exist at the time).

But I had no idea at the time. I simply started to follow more and more of these inexplicable desires, and my life was never the same after.

I believe that the heart is what we often refer to as our “spirit”. Beyond all spiritual teachings and speculations, I’ve learned to trust it by real life experimentation. I’ve seen it work for myself and countless others, without fail, as long as you learn to discern and follow its true desires.

How to recognize true desires?

Aligned decisions are decisions that come from a place of EXPANSION. They are based in love — e.g. joy, excitement, etc.

Misaligned decisions come from a place of CONTRACTION. They are based in fear— e.g. anger, scarcity, ego, competition, etc.

If you take 5 minutes to quiet your thoughts, you will begin to sense it in your body as a feeling of aliveness.

This is like a muscle that you have to train with time and practice.

If you’ve always been stuck in the mind, start with small decisions. Little things that make you feel alive in your day-to-day life.

Do this even - and especially - when it makes no sense. 

This is why I recommend that you start with small things with low risk, to build your confidence in following your inner guidance with bigger things.

When you do follow the call, make sure you are following your heart’s fullest, most uncompromised desire. 

In my previous example, I had the urge to go to India NOW. I didn’t want to wait until there was a more “reasonable” time, when all the ducks were lined up, so I didn’t. 

If I had checked with my heart and it said “yeah, I don’t mind waiting”, I would have waited for a more reasonable time. But when I checked, the answer was NOW.

The heart is a mind of its own, and it has a genius that the other mind cannot always see until in hindsight. 

Again, think of times in your life that you followed your heart and it made no sense, and that turned out to be the best decision for you.

Think of other times that you “followed your heart”, and fell flat on your face. 

Did you really follow your heart’s true, uncompromised desires? Or did you partially compromise, trying to find a middle ground where you can somehow fit the “reasonable” thing to do in the bucket, diluting your heart’s excitement even by a tiny bit? 

Was it a genuine desire, or did you convince yourself to do it because you thought it was somehow your ticket to what you actually desired?

So maybe you didn’t start the business because you were excited about the business. But because you thought it will bring you financial freedom, which will then enable you to go do what you actually want to do.

Here is how to know: 

  • If you pursue something because it is inherently rewarding in and of itself, it’s a true desire.

  • If it feels like you’re forcing yourself to do it only for an end result — an extrinsic reward like recognition, money, etc— and you plan to just push through until you “get there”, it’s likely not a true desire.

  • If it’s a mixed bag, where some parts excite you, and some drain you, keep only what is inherently rewarding and reconsider the rest. 

For example: You’re launching a new product or service in your business. 

You’re excited about the offering, but you’re not excited about the price. You think it should be higher, but you’re going low because you don’t want to scare your customer.

Furthermore, all the marketing experts agree that you have to use a specific strategy, but something about it doesn’t feel right. You’re not excited about any of it, and some of it even feels icky to you.

STOP. Take expert advice when it makes sense to you, but never override your intuition for anyone, no matter their proclaimed level of expertise.

There is never just one way to achieve a goal. If it feels off, tweak it to make it your own, or get rid of it and find another way. How you get to your goal is as important as its achievement.

It doesn’t mean their advice is wrong or bad. Remember, different things work for different people. A strategy might work perfectly for someone else, but not for you (and vice versa).

Note: This is not to say that you only do something if you feel like it. Sometimes you don’t feel like it because there is a false belief to uncover, or an opportunity for personal growth. But you will learn to tell the difference as you keep practicing with small aligned decisions. You’ll know if you don’t want to do the thing because you’re afraid (CONTRACTION), VS. when you sense that “it” (the decision) feels misaligned with how your higher self would like to show up in the world.

But the bottom line is: You have to be an energetic match for everything you do, down to the smallest detail. You have to be in alignment with every decision every step along the way. You HAVE TO trust yourself. You are wiser than you think.

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