MARKETING MESSAGING: From Confusion to Clarity

By the end of this article, you will learn how to create a crystal clear marketing message, so that you can communicate your ideas with clarity and confidence, knowing that your audience will listen and take action.

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But first, why is it so damn hard?

Why is it that your message/idea seems clear in your head, but becomes complicated when you try to communicate it through words?

This is because our minds don’t think in complete sentences. Our thoughts are collections of images, emotions, words, and more.

So when you want to communicate a message, you have to translate those (images, emotions, etc) into organized and coherent sentences.

On top of that, you have points of reference in your mind for different related topics, but don’t know if your audience will understand them without more context.

At the same time, you don’t want to provide too much context, because you’re afraid that you’ll lose the audience if your message becomes too long and complicated.

Is it any surprise then, that something so seemingly simple becomes so confusing and frustrating?

So how do we solve this problem? 

Thinking harder will not solve it.

This is where we have to bypass the “thinking mind” and activate both sides of the brain.

The logical side of your brain works more like a GPS or map. It likes linearity and structure.

This will be useful later. For now, we need to create an energetic shift— in your body and emotions.

To do that, step away from your message. Then, use your body to shift your state of consciousness. This includes movement, sleep, journaling, meditation, or any activity that will temporarily clear, renew and recharge your mind.

You want to get yourself out of the feeling of confusion and overwhelm first, before you remove the confusion in your messaging.

You’ll know you’re ready when you’re feeling excited to work on it again.

Take all the time you need and do not attempt the next exercise until this is achieved. 


The simplest way to structure a clear a marketing message is to use this formula:

1) What

2) So What

3) Now What

WHAT — Start with the ONE key takeaway from your message. What is the end goal or purpose of this message? 

SO WHAT— Why should the listener care? What’s in it for them?

NOW WHAT? — What do you want them to do next? This can be an action (make a purchase, click through to another piece of content) or simply rephrase your key takeaway if your goal was to change their minds about something.


Chances are, it will take you a few minutes to deliver your message no matter how succinct it is. So how do you hook a complete stranger long enough to deliver your message in the first place?

The answer: Start with an empowering promise.

For example: By the end of this ((piece)), you will ((promise))

Example: By the end of this ((article)), you will learn how to ((create a crystal clear marketing message)).

If the emotional benefit from your promise is not clear, add an enticing desired result

Example: By the end of this article, you will learn how to create a crystal clear marketing message, ((so that you can effectively communicate your ideas with confidence in knowing that your audience will listen and take action)).

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