MOJO # 45: What I do when I don't feel like creating content

You might think that just because my business is driven by passion and purpose, I must always be in the mood to create content or talk about my work.

The truth is, most of the time, I don't feel like it.

The resistance is not as strong as when I started my journey, but it's still there. And as I understand now, will always be.

This week, it came up in multiple conversations both with clients and peers:

- I don't feel like it.

- Why does it take me a whole day to write my newsletter, when so and so says it takes them 2 hours?

- I hate looking at myself in the camera.

- I have nothing interesting to say.

And so on.

I wish someone told me this when I first started: It's okay if right now, you hate making videos or writing posts.

Keep showing up, keep doing it anyway.

I know it's hard to believe, but it does get better.

Sure, there will always be resistance to getting started. But once you start doing it, you will eventually enter a state of flow. A state where you actually enjoy yourself and have fun sharing whatever is on your mind and in your heart.

Don't make content an obligation. And if it feels that way, forget about conversions for a second. Forget about what you want your content to achieve, and go back to your playful heart. 

Make it easy on yourself, by thinking about what you would genuinely enjoy talking about, with no attachment to the outcome or whether people agree, engage, and/or click to buy. Instead, have fun with it. Try new things. Break some rules. It's likely that no "mistake" is fatal.

And most of all, please remember that creative flow happens when you show up for it. 

First, you create, then you get creative.

Here is the path of least resistance:

1) Think of something you'd actually enjoy talking about. Something that lights YOU up.

2) Loosen up, allow yourself to share that passion, and not be afraid to be seen in your full glory.

3) Get to know the people who read your content. When they stop being a number, and you know some of them by name — your creation will be fueled by so much love instead of a feeling of obligation.

When I create, I don't think about how my content will fit in the grand scheme of a content funnel. Instead, I think about that peer creator who told me they are secretly feeling like a fraud. You are a genius, and I will believe in you until you believe in yourself. I think about that friend who finally took a leap of faith and started sharing posts on socials. I am so proud of you. I think about that client who is on a journey of self-healing, self-love, and integration of all parts of herself. You are a fucking badass.  I think about all of you who took a moment to sign up for this newsletter and continue to take the time to open it and give me your attention. I do not take that for granted. No one on this list is a number.

I create for myself, first and foremost, for MY full self-expression. But I also create for the people I love. And that's why even if I needed to go away for some time, it's easy to show up again, even if I don't feel like it. Because I love what I do, and who I do it for.

Find your joy, share it, and don't look back. I promise you, you don't know how good it gets and what's waiting for you on the other side.

And that resistance? It's always going to be there. Let it be, and do it anyway.

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