MOJO # 50: "The 130 Method": How I make the "unrealistic" doable.

If you're a visionary, you probably believe that you are good at dreaming, but not so great at executing.

That's a total lie.

The reason you struggle to execute your big vision is that it's too many steps ahead. The gap from where you are to where you want to be is too big.

This is where I recommend:

The 130 Method

The 130 Method is a system to turn a vision that seems out of reach into an actionable strategy.

Here is how it works:

Instead of trying to build the whole thing in one go, I strip it down to its most rudimentary elements:

What is it about this vision that matters to me?

Then I think of the minimum viable version of it. A prototype of sorts.

1) Block your calendar for the next year to try 10 "test projects" that are smaller versions of the big thing.

Maybe you want to test a smaller version of a new business model.

Maybe it's a whole new business.

Maybe all of the above.

Whatever it is, the limitation is as follows:

2) Limit yourself to 10 hours to create each test project.

Yes, 10 hours.

Yes, it is possible.

If you don't think so, talk to me.

3) Test it on at least 10 ideal clients/customers.

More if you can, but quality over quantity.

Make sure they are your ideal clients

And most importantly, make sure you have built enough trust to have real, honest conversations.

The more vulnerable the problem, the more trust you need to have a productive conversation.

4) Set $100 as the maximum spend to test it.

These numbers are arbitrary. feel free to iterate.

The idea is to avoid these common mistakes:

- Staying too long in your own head --> Set mini-test projects.

- Making tasks bigger and more overwhelming than they need to be --> 10-hour limit.

- Give up too quickly --> Show it to at least 10 ideal clients.

- Spend too much money --> Limit yourself to $100.

Note: $100 may not be enough to create the "prototype" version of the creation itself. Still, try to stay within that limit in your first stage. When you see some promising results, invest your next $100, and so on.

You can work with me to have a custom strategy.

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