Ken Jensen

l like where you're at with these perspectives Aleana.

You said something towards the end that made me think of how I've actually said less, in person, than ever before, unless I'm with someone who requires more, or can help me in some way.

What I mean is I listen more than I speak, even though I have TONS to say on just about any topic you'd care to pick.

There's a power that comes from not answering too quickly. It does something to people when you pause before responding. 

And on the flip side, the quieter you are, the more they can share and they feel heard. Also powerful. For us both!

I've also learned the hard way, that answering too quickly allows me to shoot myself in the foot too easily.

And if I don;t talk as much as the other person, I have more time to ponder what they're saying. This helps us both. Again, they feel heard in a way that normally doesn't happen. And I give better responses. 

When the tables are turned and it's me wanting to be heard, I easily see if this same perspective is being applied by the other person. Or not. And I seriously respect it when it is.

There are times to just talk. Usually with friends or in some other low stakes moment. And there are times when we have to forcefully control the conversation. But in general, I like ly life better with the extra quiet being provided from my end.

I'm  not even sure I stayed on topic here with my response. LOL But you got me to thinking...

Be well!

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lol you did :) I'm like you in many ways, I've learned to hold back even though I might have more to say. I'm also still working on doing more listening than speaking. Thanks for the reflection, Ken!

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