MOJO # 62: Brand Promise vs. Offers

You've poured your heart and soul into creating this offer, which is exactly the solution that you needed but couldn't find in the world.

So why isn't it resonating with the market? Surely you're not the only one to have struggled with that problem?

If you've experienced this, you're not alone. One of the most common mistakes that spiritual creatives make is confusing Brand Promise with an actual offer.

Your brand promise is one of the fundamentals of your business. It's what you resolve for them at a functional level, and how you do it differently.

Your offer is how you package it- the tangible solution you present to them with all the specs and details your buyer wants to know before they buy.

In your Brand Promise, there is your passion- the change you seek to make, which is based on your unique journey.

In your offers, there is your compassion - your listening to what they say they want and need - their worldview, and why they're not buying.

Your brand promise is what they need. The offer is what they want.

And here lies the challenge: people don't buy what they need; they buy what they want. Crafting offers that resonate means to package what they need as what they want. It's about finding the intersection between market demands and your authentic self-expression.

You may resist this because you know what they need (the promise), and it can be so frustrating when they don't see it.

It's a delicate walk. And it takes tremendous inner work to move between those two spaces.

Your brand promise comes from within, reflecting your connection to your spirit and your own personal journey. But people don't always understand it like we do, no matter how much we talk about it. In fact, the more we do, the less interested they become.

But offers (at least profitable ones) are the result of a conversation with the market. That's why listening and talking to your audience is crucial, even if you think you know them.

Next time someone shares their troubles with you, resist the urge to diagnose and help them. Instead, just listen.

And if you listen to enough people, the offer will be loud and clear.

You don't need thousands to get started. You don't even need hundreds. Just a handful of people sharing a common problem is enough to create a test offer and fine-tune it from there.

The key to all this is to stay connected to your inner guidance. No matter what your market wants, whatever offer they seem ready to buy, it has to be in alignment with you and your brand promise. If you know your boundaries and non-negotiables, you can (and should) be stubborn.  But If you don't know what truly matters to you, your stubbornness will turn to rigidity, and no one will want to listen.

This is an ongoing process of having conversations, making adjustments, and (re)learning how you relate both to yourself and your audience. Embrace the question marks, and allow yourself to try what you currently have so much resistance to. Trust that there is always a sweet spot between what your audience wants to pay money for and what your spirit compels you to create.

If you need more guidance, reach out to me.

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