MOJO # 42: Can't figure out your niche? Use the Trigger Method.

Niching is one of the hardest things to do for most entrepreneurs who are creating from the heart.

When you're building more of what already exists in the market, you don't face this issue. All you have to do is look at your competitors and copy them with a twist.

But when you're creating from the heart — when what you're building is basically your life's work and message, it's a different story. It becomes about knowing yourself. Which is pretty damn difficult, considering you are an infinite being, and you are growing, changing, and evolving infinitely.

The other day I was talking to my husband about this and how frustrating it was for me, with all my experience in marketing, to still "struggle" to define my niche completely and entirely. I mean I know exactly what I'm offering and who I'm doing it for, but it still feels like there is another layer of clarity missing. It doesn't sit with the same comfort as when your niche is a typical one. You still sense that some people don't fully get it. It's frustrating. But it's part of the process. And I feel incredibly lucky to know the tools necessary to tackle this. One of them is what I share in this video, which is the "brand trigger", one of the keys to uncovering your true niche.

Most people try to figure out their niche by starting with "who" they're serving. Nothing wrong with that.

Artists, however, creative and spiritually aware people who are building from an authentic place, are more interested in "what" and "how".

They ask: What am I offering the world? And how am I doing it differently than anyone else?

It's the inner artist coming to the surface, refusing to be bound by the BS rules of business and entrepreneurship. 

Yet, to sell, you do have to follow some business rules.

Using the Brand Trigger Method explained in the video allows you to create a win-win situation between your inner artist and the business. You satisfy what is needed to sell, without compromising your full self-expression.

Figuring out your niche is an ongoing process. Kinda like unpacking your messy closet. The rest of your home will get even messier before it gets organized. Be patient with yourself and know that this is a natural part of the process.

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