MOJO # 63: "Why is my social media not working?"

If you've ever felt like your social media efforts are a complete waste of time and energy, you're not alone.

In this video, I'll share what I learned about using social media successfully. Not an advanced strategy, the latest trends, or tips to hack the algorithm. Instead, I want to share with you a timeless approach that will work on any platform, now and forever.

The illusion of direct ROI

The common misconception about social media is the belief in a direct return on investment. The fantasy is that you'll post content that immediately captivates someone, leading them to follow/subscribe and clamor over your programs. Do enough of this, and you'll have enough clients to hit your revenue goals.

While this does happen, of course, the reality is more nuanced. Especially when you have a smaller audience.

Reflecting on my most "profitable" business relationships, it becomes clear that these connections aren't always straightforward. The initial engagement does not always directly translate into a client relationship. Instead, the magic lies in the "social" factor of social media.

How does social media really work?

To understand the essence of social media, think of the two components: "social" and "media".

Think of your social media presence like a TV channel — a platform to share your shows (AKA your content) much like a news or sports channel. If your shows are good, they will attract a specific audience, setting the stage for running ads, in this case, exclusively for your business.

Now for the "social" part, we often think this is about spending countless hours aimlessly "connecting" and "engaging", with no understanding of what it actually means.

Social media is a tool to meet the right people and start a conversation, but being "social" goes beyond that. Real connections go beyond surface-level interactions. You need to have real conversations to create meaningful relationships. If the conversation is only a means to an end, the end will never manifest. There has to be a genuine desire to build relationships while trusting that both clients and peer collaborations will emerge out of those connections naturally when and if the conditions are right, rather than viewing this whole process as a transaction with a coin machine. Enter coin (post, DM, comment), to get a client in exchange.

Because we don't learn how to use social media in a way that is joyful to us, because we only see it as a means to an end, we develop a mechanical approach that is draining and unsustainable. No one can (or should) keep doing something they hate. Especially when it doesn't yield results. 

So instead, shift your focus to full self-expression and joy. Having genuine passion and enthusiasm for your work and what you talk about will naturally resonate with others.

There cannot be any hint of calculation in your interactions. The sincerity of your energy makes or breaks this whole thing.

Here's what worked for me.

I view my content as a guidepost. It either attracts conversations with aligned people or repels them if they don't resonate with my work.

When someone engages with my content, I see it as a real conversation. That means I talk to them with the same level of intentionality that I would show in a face-to-face interaction.

I am genuinely detached from the outcome, and because of that, people feel safe to talk to me. They know I won't be trying to sell them anything. By giving relationships time to bud naturally, the transaction feels easy for everyone involved. There is no push to "be a fast decision maker" or sign up for a program before they are ready. Those relationships cultivated over time not only bring direct clients but also result in other business opportunities that I never even imagined. Someone knows someone who knows someone who has the key to what I need. I wish I could tell you it's because of some genius masterminding on my part, but it's honestly life playing the game of connecting us. I only sat the stage.

There are endless ways to use social media, but this is how I like to do it. It attracts my ideal clients without draining my soul in the process.


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