MOJO # 33: Can you be seen as an expert if you're still figuring things out? How to be authentic without losing credibility

Can you be real about where you are in your journey, without losing your credibility as an "expert"?

If you're in a high-growth period and you're learning as you're growing your business, then you know this feeling.

You know that you can help your clients. But you are still figuring some things out for yourself — and you are doing it publicly.

But won't that change how your potential clients perceive you? Can you still be seen as an expert in this case?

In this video: 

01:47 Your inner naysayer will never go away

03:09: More achievements ≠  Higher self-worth

05:45 You have to go first

06:45 Your life’s work is where you’ll meet the most resistance

09:20 Will you lose your credibility?

09:51 The illusion of the “expert”

13:09 Can you show the way?

15:05 Documenting your process means you walk the talk

18:19 People want to witness your dynamic human experience

22:22 The best way to prove your expertise

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