MOJO # 34: How to define your Brand's Emotional Signature & Frequency | The One Emotion Concept

Everyone knows that good branding makes people feel something. But brand masters make people feel one thing.

That one thing is what I like to call "The One Emotion Concept", or Brand Emotional Signature and Frequency.

You have to know and deliver your emotional signature because that is the key to standing out and being memorable, which is the whole point of branding. And there is a way to do it for your personal brand while being authentic.

In this video:

00:00 What to expect from this video
01:27 How “big” brands do it
05:27 The power of a personal brand
08:18 Why you must build a personal brand
10:11 Your Emotional Signature
11:41 Your Frequency
16:50 The dilemma of the “authentic” personal brand
20:15 The exercise
21:05 # 1: Your current Brand Emotion Audit
26:04 # 2: How to define your “One Emotion”
31:25: #3: How to transmit your “One Emotion”


Personal branding for spiritual people: How do you define yourself when you are an unlimited being?

Building a brand with your full self-expression

Signs you are a business artist

Free word cloud tool used.

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