MOJO # 19: Find your purpose in 15 minutes

I know what your purpose is, and I can share it with you in 15 minutes.

Does that statement trigger you? Take a deep breath and walk with me for a minute.

I grappled with this purpose question for years.

See, I didn't care if I was born with a purpose, or if I had to invent one to make sense of life.

All I knew is that I had a crisis of meaning. I felt compelled to do more with my life than sell stuff online.

To "find" my purpose, I went everywhere except within:

- I started a world travel journey that would last 8 years.

- I experimented with different businesses and projects.

- I asked mystics and sages.

- I practiced philanthropy.

- I went to temples.

- I hired coaches.

- I read books.

Finally, I tuned inward.

I was no longer trying to find anything. I stopped running away from myself, and that's precisely when I found my answer.

And the cool part? My purpose is exactly yours.

In this video:

0:00 - Intro
1:15 - Be mindful of the words you choose
2:05 - How you can start following your passions
3:52 - Your purpose is to be the fullest & highest expression of yourself
5:20 - Your heart's desires



Passion Clarity Exercise: what do you truly desire?

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