MOJO # 15: Marketing is not linear

Do you feel like your marketing isn't working, even though you're doing everything right?

I went through this in my own business. Here is what I learned: Marketing is NOT linear.

We like to think that the buyer's journey can be controlled. If we post an ad, we expect to get a return within x time. if we put out a great piece of content, we expect those who found it resonant to reach out and have a conversation.

We try to control both the results of our efforts and the timing of when we get them.

This fallacy is a combination of immediate gratification addiction and good ol' marketing bullsh*t.

In reality, we have ZERO control over whether or not people buy, and when they decide to do so. And that terrifies the heck out of most entrepreneurs and marketers.

But if you can trust yourself to show up and do your part, you can trust the universe to take care of the rest. And your part is to keep up 1) the right action (fueled by the right intention), 2) at the right intensity, and 3) with the right consistency.


In this video:

00:00 What to expect from this video
00:20 "Why is my marketing not working?"
03:19 The 80/20 of marketing
05:45 Let people come when they're ready
06:23 Your job is to show up (you can't control the outcome)
8:38 Avoid "blueprints" and other advice

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