MOJO # 16: What should you call yourself?

If you're still trying to figure out WHAT to call yourself, then today's video is for you.


Don't know what to call yourself? Join the club.

We are so programmed to want to nail our professional title and description. It's like we have to rehearse this and get it perfectly right to describe precisely what it is we do.

Anything less than that is just bad marketing and personal branding, right?

There is a problem though.

That may be easy to do when you are one of a million.

Another coach.

Another marketer.

Another nutritionist.

Another designer.

But when you're not?

When you're creating something brand new?

So new, in fact, that there is literally no name for it yet because you have invented a new market and role for yourself — what the heck are you supposed to do then?!

As a marketer, I racked my brain for months trying to define this title and description thing. But everything that made any sense felt... incomplete.

"How could I possibly not know how to write a simple tagline for myself? I'm a marketer!", I thought.

Thing is, when what you do is that different, it's impossible to define it in a few words.

In fact, I realized I wasn't alone. Many other entrepreneurs and creators have connected so many different dots that they might have invented entirely new categories.

And that's okay.

I wish someone told me it was okay to not have a perfect title that explains everything that I actually do.

Because when you're building real relationships, you know that "knowing" people comes from conversations over time. Not from what you tell them about yourself within the first few seconds of meeting them.


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