MOJO #28: Personal branding for spiritual people: How do you define yourself when you are an unlimited being?

To define is to limit.

How do you define your brand, when you are an unlimited being?


Earlier in my journey, I struggled to talk about myself.

I couldn't even write an honest about me page.

I felt that my ideas were too crazy, unreasonable, and even delusional.

I worried that if I showed up in my full truth, no one will ever take me seriously again.


"I will lose all my business"


"I will probably starve, all alone, under a bridge, begging for a plate of spaghetti"

Little did I know..

I hope this video:


00:05 - Is this you?
02:18 - Why you struggle to brand yourself
10:57 - Why you must build a brand
13:32 - 3 stages of attention
19:16 - You are not the brand
19:33 - You must own it
20:18 - But don’t identify with the labels
21:47 - Take your attention off yourself
23:11 - Your brand is a commitment to BEING
24:20 - Learn more

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