MOJO # 27: How to keep your promises to yourself and get things done despite distraction.

To have the life you want, your word to yourself must become law.

In this video:

- No productivity hacks.

- No motivational speeches.

- And no "powering through it" either. 


00:00 - What to expect from this video
02:21 - What distraction really is
06:40 - Beware of busy work
07:25 - Distraction is a symptom of a problem
10:32 - Five practical steps
10:36 - #1 Develop clarity about the goal
11:44 - #2 Awareness is greater than intent
14:34 - #3 Face and welcome discomfort
16:35 - #4 Don’t label yourself
17:41 - #5 Practice compassion & patience
18:15 - Summary

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