MOJO # 17: Stop hiding: 5 mindset shifts to stop being afraid of being seen


This topic is very close to me.

It's about visibility and allowing yourself to show up.

For a very long time, I operated behind the scenes.

I was honestly quietly torn.

On the one hand, I knew I wanted to come out of my hiding. 

To share my thoughts with people, and let them know how I really felt about things.


But on the other hand, I was deathly afraid of being seen.


So afraid, that I didn't realize I was afraid at all. I just kept making up excuses.

First, I said I hated to have attention. A total lie, because I love attention.

It's just that I was repressing and judging it for a long time.

Then I said that I didn't have time for it. But I certainly had time for just about anything else.

Then I said I ... you get the idea.

I had all sorts of excuses to avoid picking up a camera and speaking to it. 

The truth is?

I equated being seen to being hurt. 

Somewhere deep down I had made a connection that I was no good.

I didn't deserve to be seen or heard. My presence, I felt, was ... unpalatable. I was too much. Too loud. Too passionate. Too something -  and that something was always either too much, or not good enough.

So for a while, I was able to keep my little act. I had dozens of high-paying clients on retainer. I never needed to connect with new people.

But deep down I was still sad. I felt like I had killed Aleana in order to be accepted. I made it my mission to repress myself, so no one felt bad because I was around. 

So today I'll share 5 mindset shifts for you to stop this cycle and to finally show up.

There is nothing that brings me more joy than seeing someone love themselves so much that they allow themselves to bring their FULL self-expression to everything 

It's an ongoing process of radical self-love, repeated every day, over and over, as you watch yourself unfold into your highest potential in this lifetime.

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