MOJO # 23: What should you post on social media to attract your ideal client? Whatever the f*ck you want.

Today's topic is: What should you post on LinkedIn (and other social) media to attract your IDEAL clients?

Fair warning, I rant and it's NSFW

Use your headphones, just in case.


Are you showing up fully in your marketing?

Or are you still suppressing parts of yourself?

Before you finally hit publish on a post or campaign, how many edits has it gone through — not to fix actual errors – but to try and hide your true message?

Owning your truth is most difficult on social media.

Why does social media feel so vulnerable?

Because you're often speaking to strangers. And it's open to the public, where things can "get out of control", fast.

Yet social media (and your public marketing in general) is the true test of how fully you are showing up right now.

Full self-expression is the ONLY "strategy" that works to attract your ideal clients.

If you only kinda-sorta show up, you'll keep attracting clients who are kinda-sorta right for you.

And you'll kinda-sorta love your business and life.

So are you going to claim your full self or not?

Make this your new motto: "Whatever the heck I want."

Any time you ask a question that contains the word "should", question the question itself.

This isn't to deny cause & effect. Of course, real principles still apply.

But the word "should" is rarely about principles.

It's more often about asking for permission to be your real self or follow your heart's true desires.

In this video:

00:00 - Intro
00:17 - The answer
00:37 - Objections/concerns
01:38 - Why the old approach doesn’t work
03:29 - Beware of the scarcity mindset
04:19 - Keep it simple
05:15 - You started a business to be free
06:07 - Why this approach is guaranteed to work
07:51 - You have to own who you are and show up FULLY
08:15 - How do you relate to clients and build relationships
09:36 - This is an internal game (marketing strategy alone is not enough)
11:48 - Bottom line
12:01 - Stop holding yourself back
12:27 - Freedom from fear
13:22 - The highest-paid people aren’t always the most skilled
14:30 - You are the “it” factor of your brand

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