MOJO # 24: Sexual Transmutation

Today's topic is a bit spicy. 

When I first encountered the idea of transmuting sexual energy into creative energy, I rejected it as just more of that new-age spiritual bullsh*t.

But I kept meeting people who have channeled and transmuted their creative force.

My advice to you is to keep an open mind and watch the video until the end.

In this video:

00:00 - Context
01:04 - Example (1)
01:50 - Tantra reference
02:27 - Misuse of spiritual concepts
03:12 - Example (2)
03:48 - Sexual Energy = Creation Energy
04:15 - Does being turned on help you sell?
04:25 - Why does this work and how?
06:11 - Origins of this practice
06:49 - The challenge with new age spirituality
07:30 - What does one taste mean in Buddhism?
07:58 - What is Tantra?
08:17 - How to use the energy to sell more
09:32 - How to: Overview of 2 methods
10:24 - Method 1
11:39 - Method 2
12:06 - Advice & Disclaimer

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