MOJO #36: How to price your offers (and why all ours add up to a 9)

You probably, like me, want to make more money.

But only as long as it's in alignment with yourself.

In other words, joyful money.

You want to make your prices accessible to the people you serve.

But you also have financial goals, and you don't want to sell yourself short.

For most people, this means looking at their peers and pricing somewhere in the middle.

The minute you do that, you unintentionally say to yourself that your service is a commodity in a zero-sum game.

It's not …

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MOJO # 35: How to build your business when you’re too busy and have no time.

Feel like you don’t have enough time to work on your business?

It’s not about the amount of time you have. It’s about your energy and output during that time, no matter how little of it you think you have.

In this video, I used an extreme example of someone who only had 30 minutes a day to build a business. She did it within 4 months, by having the right focus and energy.

If you're going through the same thing, take your attention away from time, and instead focus on what will make meaningful…

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MOJO # 34: How to define your Brand's Emotional Signature & Frequency | The One Emotion Concept

Everyone knows that good branding makes people feel something. But brand masters make people feel one thing.

That one thing is what I like to call "The One Emotion Concept", or Brand Emotional Signature and Frequency.

You have to know and deliver your emotional signature because that is the key to standing out and being memorable, which is the whole point of branding. And there is a way to do it for your personal brand while being authentic.

In this video:

00:00 What to expect from this vid…

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MOJO # 33: Can you be seen as an expert if you're still figuring things out? How to be authentic without losing credibility

Can you be real about where you are in your journey, without losing your credibility as an "expert"?

If you're in a high-growth period and you're learning as you're growing your business, then you know this feeling.

You know that you can help your clients. But you are still figuring some things out for yourself — and you are doing it publicly.

But won't that change how your potential clients perceive you? Can you still be seen as an expert in this case?

In this video: 

01:47 Your inner naysa…

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MOJO # 32: How to make the right decisions, in alignment, and with ease

I want to share with you a technique to make sure you're making the right decision.

It may sound bizarre, but it works.

Here's how I do it:

I "call in a committee" consisting of my different states of awareness, including (but not limited to) my mind, my ego, my emotions, my intuition, etc.

I set the time and space for the "meeting" and I allow every state of awareness to chime in.

As a result, all my decisions are in alignment. There is no part of me fighting, struggling, or sabotaging my go…

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MOJO # 31: Why your content isn't working

"A correct diagnosis is three-fourths the remedy." — Mahatma Gandhi

In this video:

- The step-by-step diagnosis I use to understand exactly why a piece of content didn't work so I don't keep repeating the same mistakes.

- The 4 components your content needs to be successful (even expert marketers miss this sometimes).

- How to avoid being stuck spinning your wheels for months or even years creating content that doesn't convert.

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MOJO # 30: How to set the right kind of goals (create your exciting vision + 2023 plan)


Feeling unmotivated to pursue your own goals?

Here's how to create a vision and plan that will make you practically jump out of bed every morning.


In this video:

00:00 What to expect from this video
00:59 Example
01:53 What realistic actually means
02:54 You are supposed to fail at some of your goals
03:05 The purpose of a goal is to motivate the ego
04:02 The issue is lack of vision
05:52 1) Start with a braindump
06:56 2) Plug goals into different timelines
09:13 3) What could yo…

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MOJO # 29: Why you don't have to "niche down" to have a successful business

"If you talk to everyone, you talk to no one."

We all heard it. But is true?

When I started my journey with Brands Are Alive, I was stuck on picking a niche for a while.

In fact, I thought I couldn't move forward until I picked one and committed to it.

Not necessarily true.

So in today's video, I explain why you don't have to "niche down" to have a successful and profitable service business.

In this video:

00:00 The problem with traditional “niching”
06:35 The alternative method (with exam…

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MOJO #28: Personal branding for spiritual people: How do you define yourself when you are an unlimited being?

To define is to limit.

How do you define your brand, when you are an unlimited being?


Earlier in my journey, I struggled to talk about myself.

I couldn't even write an honest about me page.

I felt that my ideas were too crazy, unreasonable, and even delusional.

I worried that if I showed up in my full truth, no one will ever take me seriously again.


"I will lose all my business"


"I will probably starve, all alone, under a bridge, begging for a plate of spaghetti"

Little did I …

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MOJO # 27: How to keep your promises to yourself and get things done despite distraction.

To have the life you want, your word to yourself must become law.

In this video:

- No productivity hacks.

- No motivational speeches.

- And no "powering through it" either. 


00:00 - What to expect from this video
02:21 - What distraction really is
06:40 - Beware of busy work
07:25 - Distraction is a symptom of a problem
10:32 - Five practical steps
10:36 - #1 Develop clarity about the goal
11:44 - #2 Awareness is greater than intent
14:34 - #3 Face and welcome discomfort
16:35 - #4 Don’t label y…

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