MOJO # 24: Sexual Transmutation

Today's topic is a bit spicy. 

When I first encountered the idea of transmuting sexual energy into creative energy, I rejected it as just more of that new-age spiritual bullsh*t.

But I kept meeting people who have channeled and transmuted their creative force.

My advice to you is to keep an open mind and watch the video until the end.

In this video:

00:00 - Context
01:04 - Example (1)
01:50 - Tantra reference
02:27 - Misuse of spiritual concepts
03:12 - Example (2)
03:48 - Sexual Energy = Crea…

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MOJO # 23: What should you post on social media to attract your ideal client? Whatever the f*ck you want.

Today's topic is: What should you post on LinkedIn (and other social) media to attract your IDEAL clients?

Fair warning, I rant and it's NSFW

Use your headphones, just in case.


Are you showing up fully in your marketing?

Or are you still suppressing parts of yourself?

Before you finally hit publish on a post or campaign, how many edits has it gone through — not to fix actual errors – but to try and hide your true message?

Owning your…

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MOJO # 22: Channeling: How to impact when you speak

Do you know someone who seems to create magic when they speak?

It's not even what they say, but the energy behind it.

And that's today's topic: How to channel & impact with your words.

In this video:

00:00 - Intro
01:14 - BS surrounding channeling
05:54 - The 3 keys to unlocking your channeling power
06:00 - Spiritual/emotional growth
08:33 - Skills
13:30 - Creating the right circumstances

The prescription: How to get out of your mind, so you can gain clarity

Shut off the noise: How to tune out…

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MOJO # 21: What is your true nature?

Quick question, do you know what your "true nature" is?

When I started my journey, I knew I wanted to be my "authentic self" (whatever that is).

Except I had no idea what my true self was supposed to be.

It sounds crazy, but it's true. I felt like a stranger to myself.

And that's today's topic: What is your true nature? 

In this video:

00:00 - Intro
00:40 - What makes nature natural?
03:26 - How to access your true nature

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MOJO # 20: How to raise your self-worth

The longer I live, the deeper I understand this:

Everything in life comes down to how much you love and value yourself.

Everything you get, achieve and keep with ease is a reflection of what you believe you deserve.

In this video, I share with you a powerful exercise that will transform your life. No hyperbole.

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MOJO # 19: Find your purpose in 15 minutes

I know what your purpose is, and I can share it with you in 15 minutes.

Does that statement trigger you? Take a deep breath and walk with me for a minute.

I grappled with this purpose question for years.

See, I didn't care if I was born with a purpose, or if I had to invent one to make sense of life.

All I knew is that I had a crisis of meaning. I felt compelled to do more with my life than sell stuff online.

To "find" my purpose, I went everywhere except within:

- I started a world travel jo…

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MOJO # 18: 3 sacred plant moments that transformed my life

Today's video is different.

I'm going to share 3 personal stories that I experienced during plant medicine ceremonies that completely transformed me, and how these experiences helped shape the business and brand we're building today.

Experiences like these and dozens of other ceremonies are what lead us to integrate sacred plant medicine with some of our programs.

If you are interested in a sacred plant ceremony with us, click here to learn more.


If you found this video helpful, conside…

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MOJO # 17: Stop hiding: 5 mindset shifts to stop being afraid of being seen


This topic is very close to me.

It's about visibility and allowing yourself to show up.

For a very long time, I operated behind the scenes.

I was honestly quietly torn.

On the one hand, I knew I wanted to come out of my hiding. 

To share my thoughts with people, and let them know how I really felt about things.


But on the other hand, I was deathly afraid of being seen.


So afraid, that I didn't realize I was afraid at all. I just kept making up excuses.

First, I said I hate…

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MOJO # 16: What should you call yourself?

If you're still trying to figure out WHAT to call yourself, then today's video is for you.


Don't know what to call yourself? Join the club.

We are so programmed to want to nail our professional title and description. It's like we have to rehearse this and get it perfectly right to describe precisely what it is we do.

Anything less than that is just bad marketing and personal branding, right?

There is a problem though.

That may be easy to do when you are one of a million.

Another coach.

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MOJO # 15: Marketing is not linear

Do you feel like your marketing isn't working, even though you're doing everything right?

I went through this in my own business. Here is what I learned: Marketing is NOT linear.

We like to think that the buyer's journey can be controlled. If we post an ad, we expect to get a return within x time. if we put out a great piece of content, we expect those who found it resonant to reach out and have a conversation.

We try to control both the results of our efforts and the timing of when we …

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