MOJO # 25: How to define your unique brand voice and write copy that moves people.

There are lots of exercises out there to help you write great copy that converts or define a unique brand voice.

And they're great.

But instead of sharing more of the same, I thought, why not look outside — at actors?

What makes some actors so much more compelling than others even without technique?

And how can you use this element to write copy that moves people, and define a brand voice that's uniquely yours?

In this video:

00:00 - What to expect from this video
01:30 - Is this for you?
03:25 - The missing ingredient
05:55 - Self-expression is greater than resonance
09:34 - Why should you change this
10:26 - Expressing truth = knowing yourself
11:00 - Structure, don’t inhibit it
11:32 - My story as an example
13:15 - Your mind will play tricks on you
13:42 - Serve your audience, (but don’t need their approval)
14:32 - Healing your self-worth
15:31 - Be patient, it takes a lifetime
16:03 - 2-part solution
16:21 - The exercise
18:58 - The practice
22:32 - Free yourself (and others)
23:06 - How to use templates & frameworks
24:15 - Your love makes it come alive
24:31 - Can I help you?
25:02 - More resources


Building a brand with your full self-expression

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How to raise your self-worth

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