MOJO # 26: This mistake blocks your creative genius


Today's topic: The mistake that blocks your creative genius.

Let me know if this is you right now. I know I definitely made this mistake before and I'm still catching myself sometimes.

In this video:

00:00 - Intro
00:13 - Don’t make this mistake
01:09 - Why it’s a problem
02:54 - Attachment to the outcome is the nemesis
03:55 - Give the seed time and space
05:03 - Don’t ship out of desperation
05:20 - Control the environment, not the creation
05:59 - Practice “aimless” creation
06:35 - Protect time & space for your creativity
07:56 - The result
08:24 - Balancing structure and flow
09:18 - More resources
09:44 - Book in a call


Signs you are a business artist / uncover your creative genius

How To Channel And Impact With Your Words



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