MOJO # 30: How to set the right kind of goals (create your exciting vision + 2023 plan)


Feeling unmotivated to pursue your own goals?

Here's how to create a vision and plan that will make you practically jump out of bed every morning.


In this video:

00:00 What to expect from this video
00:59 Example
01:53 What realistic actually means
02:54 You are supposed to fail at some of your goals
03:05 The purpose of a goal is to motivate the ego
04:02 The issue is lack of vision
05:52 1) Start with a braindump
06:56 2) Plug goals into different timelines
09:13 3) What could you potentially achieve in 1 year?
10:35 This is NOT a substitute for pursuing passion and purpose
12:02 The point of having a vision
13:25 4) The next 30 days
14:41 5) The day-to-day plan
17:49 Bottom Line: Think in decades, act in daily compartments
19:38 Lenient about the goal, strict about showing up
20:25 Make peace with time
24:25 The hardest part
25:07 Business takes faith

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