MOJO #36: How to price your offers (and why all ours add up to a 9)

You probably, like me, want to make more money.

But only as long as it's in alignment with yourself.

In other words, joyful money.

You want to make your prices accessible to the people you serve.

But you also have financial goals, and you don't want to sell yourself short.

For most people, this means looking at their peers and pricing somewhere in the middle.

The minute you do that, you unintentionally say to yourself that your service is a commodity in a zero-sum game.

It's not a bad idea to create a price that is similar to others.

It's the asking for permission and outsourcing of your inner guidance that needs to go.

If you keep going back and forth on your pricing, then this video should help. I talked about:

  • Why you shouldn't “charge your worth” and what to do instead
  • Why all the pricing numbers on our website add up to a 9
  • Why I like to publish our prices on our website
  • And of course, how to find the right pricing for you

Make sure to look at these resources too:

1) Pricing calculator (make a copy and enter your offer numbers) 

2) How to make any brand "luxury" (without scamming people) 

3) Raise your self-worth

4)  Bonus exercise: How to articulate your brand value

Try them out and let me know. And if there's anything I can help you with, just hit reply.

Until next Saturday!

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