MOJO # 2: GET UNSTUCK: How to move forward when your path is unclear

When you start forming an idea of what you want to create, it’s very likely that your path will still be unclear.

Sometimes it's because the goal is too big and you’ve never done anything like it before. You have lots of unanswered questions.

Other times, you’re still unclear on the end goal itself. And this can be especially frustrating.

That's okay.

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MOJO # 1: MAKING DECISIONS IN ALIGNMENT: How to make heart-led decisions you won’t regret

By the end of this document, you’ll learn how to follow your heart with confidence that you’ve actually made the right decision.

How do you know the difference between heart-led decisions, and irrational, overly emotional decisions?

Here are 3 ways to know for sure

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SHUT OFF THE NOISE: How to tune out and listen to YOUR inner voice

So much of what you think are your thoughts and desires aren’t actually yours. You go around all day collecting random bits of information from other people, and if you’re not careful, you’ll lose sight of what YOU think.

This is where you know something has to change.

Step 1: Go on a mental consumption diet: Eliminate or reduce input, even the positive.

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PASSION CLARITY: What do you TRULY desire? 

When you've spent so much of your life being caught up in who you are “supposed to be”, you begin to lose touch with yourself and what YOU want.

But when you ask yourself “What do I really, really want?”, you’re stumped. You can hardly think of anything in particular, let alone how it will fit into a business context.

For such moments, use this journaling exercise. Take 3-5 minutes to answer each question and get your thoughts moving.

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INSTANT ENERGY SHIFT: How to use your body to gain immediate Presence

Presence is an essential quality for leadership and influence. 

But what happens when something throws you off, and you need to get back into feeling calm and centered, but all you have are minutes, or even seconds?

Here are 3 techniques to get back into your body, and be here and now, no matter how little time you think you have.

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IGNITE THE FIRE: How to use BRAND VALUE CLARITY to move people and turn them into raving fans

Why do some brands have emotional impact and occupy a league of their own, while others are practically irreplaceable?

It takes more than just brand value, but it's the very first step.

By the end of this exercise, you will gain more clarity about your brand value and how to tell its origin story, so you can activate more passion within your tribe – turning customers/clients, and even team members, into passionate advocates.

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THE PRESCRIPTION: How to get out of your mind, so you can gain clarity

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

When we’re dealing with deeply embedded beliefs, we have to get out of our thinking minds and into our bodies and spirits. Subconscious beliefs are often embedded in our bodies and supported by our daily habits, becoming part of our fabricated character or mask. We get caught up in the character we’re supposed to be playing in life.

Try these techniques for the next two weeks and see how your life transforms.

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