MOJO # 10: (an important announcement) Maybe you don't need to know "how".

First, I have an announcement to make.

1) I am moving away from the usual "How-To" format.

It may not seem like a big deal, but that's what I promised when you signed up to this Newsletter. So I AM breaking a promise. I explain why in today's video.

2) I won't stop doing it entirely.

But I realized that I've been restricting my fullest self-expression, and that defeats everything I teach.

3) Going forward, I'm also going to share what I'm going through in real-time.

As I'm appl…

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MOJO # 9: Procrastination: Why you can't motivate yourself to do the work.

Today's topic is: How to motivate yourself when you “can’t even”.

This one is for you if you are:

  • Constantly procrastinating
  • Lacking energy and motivation

  • Dreading even the smallest tasks

If this sounds like you, watch this video, or keep reading to learn how to solve this. 


By early 2021, I was DONE.

It was like I woke up one day, and both my body and mind gave out.

Up until that point, I was grinding out and pushing through every day, constantly reminding myself of…

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MOJO # 7: Slime-free sales: How to get clients without resorting to sleazy tactics or making people uncomfortable.

What if being picky was in fact the key to increasing your sales and number of clients?

I’m going to share with you two real-life examples and my perspective as the buyer.

I will explain why I bought from one person, but not another.

You can watch this video here, or keep reading.

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